How Aislelabs’ Real-Time Automated Occupancy Counter Works

The coronavirus has impacted large retailers and venues the world over. Many have had to shut down operations in compliance with local and federal government decrees to promote social distancing and help flatten the curve. While a vaccine is still a ways off, governments are planning on reopening large retailers with strict occupancy conditions to keep employees and visitors safe. The challenge for these venues is using an accurate occupancy counter that can handle thousands of daily visitors.

Aislelabs’ WiFi based, real-time people counter overcomes the logistics of keeping an accurate tally of visitors at a large space. It automatically keeps track of the number of visitors entering or exiting and delivers that information to those that require it most—all while using the existing wireless infrastructure so no new hardware needs to be deployed.

Issues for People Counting at Large Retailers

Using tried and true counters at large retailers and venues just doesn’t work. The reality of the situation is that multiple entrances will need to be in use and coordinating manual counting via security personnel is extremely difficult. They need to keep in constant communication which can lead to significant human error, especially during shift changes.

Automated Occupancy Counters

With the Aislelabs solution, security personnel are provided with up to the minute information regarding the current occupancy levels within a space through a mobile phone portal without the need to count at all. Guards at key entrances can be easily updated of the number of customers currently at the property so when occupancy drops below a certain threshold, they can allow more visitors to enter. All security personnel have access to the same data meaning more entrances can be in use.

The benefit of using as many entrances as possible means that the distribution of line-ups to enter a space would better spread out. Many short lines instead of a single long line helps promote social distancing even outside a physical location.

How it Works

Using your existing WiFi infrastructure, Aislelabs can be deployed to ensure large retail spaces and venues meet rigorous mandated government and health agency requirements for occupancy. It anonymously triangulates mobile device position in a physical space without requiring shoppers to sign into the WiFi or download an app. This automatically provides accurate counts of current visitors in real time at each location and across an entire portfolio through a centralized dashboard. It uses the power of cloud-based technology to create a synchronized dashboard for multiple mobile devices and can be deployed quickly and remotely without any capital expense.

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