Contact Tracing in Corporate Campuses to Keep Workforce Safe

Utilize existing WiFi infrastructure at a corporate campus and at offices to for privacy friendly exposure notification.

The coronavirus outbreak instigated a worldwide state of emergency, challenging employers to seek solutions and provide a safe environment for employees through contact tracing. Large campuses with a significant number of employees scattered throughout several buildings are particularly vulnerable.

Aislelabs has developed an innovative solution that assists employers to establish contact tracing easily at scale in a corporate campus workplace. The solution is built with privacy in mind and empowers organizations and individuals with appropriate opt-in mechanisms.

Automated Contact Tracing at Scale

The Aislelabs solution can be utilized as an end-to-end exposure notification solution for employers. Once deployed, the solution automatically identifies employee interactions across various corporate spaces. The solution is fast and easy to deploy as it integrates with the existing WiFi infrastructure, no new hardware or complex installation required. Moreover, employees do not need to download mobile applications in order to participate, eliminating barriers to adoption.

If one employee is infected, the solution automatically notifies other employees that have been in close proximity with the infected employee for a certain duration, as well as designated stakeholders. Based on that, suitable precautionary measures can be taken swiftly and effectively.

The solution provides an internal corporate system by which employers’ human resource department can ensure the safety of their employees and minimize health risk in an effective manner. Using the existing WiFi infrastructure means that no capital expense is required and no new hardware needs to be installed in any building across a geographically distributed corporate campus. The entire platform can be deployed remotely and within a short timeframe.

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