Monitoring Occupancy Through Automated Alerts and Smart Signalling

Businesses are slowly being allowed to reopen, however, the spectre of the pandemic still looms large as exacting regulation places the onus for maintaining a safe, sanitary environment on businesses themselves. Occupancy thresholds will be the most regulated aspect of all operations, therefore, businesses need occupancy counter solutions that are easy to deploy, accurate, data driven, and easily auditable.

Aislelabs has developed an innovative occupancy management solution that monitors the number of visitors to the location, communicates with employees and customers, and tracks the dwell time of visitors.

Occupancy Threshold Alerts

To remain extra vigilant and ensure proper occupancy limits, the Aislelabs solution automatically sends out emails and alert messages to executives and management when occupancy levels climb past a certain threshold. When occupancy crosses 80% above the mandate government threshold, for example, a warning is triggered allowing management to redeploy extra security to help manage entrances.

Monitor Dwell Times

Average dwell time can be monitored to ensure that shoppers do not spend more than the mandated time inside a retailer. Shoppers who opt-in to the WiFi can be sent an email or SMS message 15 minutes before their time limit is up through rule-based triggers.

Maintaining Zone Based Occupancy

Common areas can be further subdivided into customizable, user-defined zones, and occupancy ceilings can be set for each zone. These zones can be separately monitored in real-time to ensure that there is no crowding of shoppers in these common areas. This can be extended to the gross leased area of the entire space to ensure a maximum occupancy at all times. Operations teams can utilize the real-time, daily or weekly reports on customer behaviour to make informed decisions and follow guidelines laid out by the government.

Real-Time Occupancy Monitoring

The dashboard can provide security personnel with up-to-the-minute information regarding the current occupancy levels within a retail location through a mobile phone portal without the need to count manually. Guards at key entrances can be easily updated of the current number of customers at the location so that when occupancy drops below a certain threshold, they can allow more shoppers to enter. All security personnel and the management team have access to the same synchronized data meaning more entrances can be in use while maintaining social distancing.

Smart Signalling to Connected Devices

APIs are also available to signal customers through connected devices, from smart lighting solutions that can create a red/green traffic light system at entrances to any screens within the premises that can signal customizable information.

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