Displaying Occupancy Statuses Online for Customers

The coronavirus has had a huge impact and has forced large retailers to close all but essential goods and services. As we head into the next phase of dealing with this pandemic, restrictions will begin to ease meaning large retailers, like shopping centres and department stores, will be allowed to open with strict occupancy limits.

Lines at entrances will be the new normal for a while to come and will cause many frustrated customers to decide not to wait. With limits on occupancy, profit margins are going to be very thin so losing customers because of these lines is something to be carefully avoided.

The Problem of Occupancy Counting

In most cases, the strict occupancy limits imposed by government health agencies will be audited by those agencies. Department stores and malls will need a way to not only count how many customers are inside, but prove that the limits haven’t been exceeded. Aislelabs provides a WiFi-based people counter that anonymously triangulates mobile device positions in a physical space without requiring shoppers to sign into the WiFi or download an app. This provides both a real-time occupancy count inside a space (allowing security to optimize the number of customers at all times) and a historical record that can be audited.

Informing Your Customers of Occupancy

Real-time occupancy can be used to inform your customers of the best times and locations to visit. Leveraging our APIs, notifications can be delivered to websites or mobile apps to inform shoppers when the occupancy at each shopping centre, department store, or other retailer is low, moderate, or high. Customers can plan their visits according to occupancy and you can provide alternative locations for them to visit from your portfolio.

No one enjoys having to go shopping only to find they have to wait in line. By providing a service like this, shoppers will know exactly what they’ll encounter when going to one of your properties rather than rolling the dice as with a competitor who doesn’t make this information available. When presented with the choice between one of your properties that publicly displays occupancy and a competitor who doesn’t, the choice becomes clear.

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