Making Venue and Mall Occupancy Auditable for Health Officials

Businesses are slowly being allowed to reopen, however, the spectre of the pandemic still looms large as exacting regulation places the onus for maintaining a safe, sanitary environment on businesses themselves. Businesses have to quickly adapt their operations to metrics that are quantifiable and have high data integrity, not only for regulation but also to ensure data-driven decisions.

Government Health Agencies will carry out inspection of public retail locations to ensure protocols and occupancy limit regulations are being met. As large spaces are difficult to people count with multiple entrances being in use, having a solution that overcomes those issues and can be audited by government agencies becomes very important.

A Comprehensive Solution

A meaningful response to COVID-19 requires faster and more comprehensive communication with all stakeholders. Management is expected to share information to customers and the Board of Directors as well as regulators and health officials. Aislelabs’ platform allows for integrations with your CRM tools and uses powerful role-based access controls (RBAC) to ensure faster reporting to stakeholders and regulators.

Faster Integrations

The Aislelabs platform integrates natively with your BI and CRM tools and reduces time decay of insight and improves reporting, letting you build a complete picture of your efforts to limit COVID-19 disruption. Aislelabs’ agile databases merge with existing datasets and are scalable to your needs with no coding required, means that Aislelabs can easily be inculcated into your workflows. Sharing your database is also made easy across all your stakeholders, from management to regulatory authorities, through powerful, rule-based access controls with granular privacy controls.

Privacy Focused Access Controls

The occupancy dashboards and databases are shareable through privacy-focused, role based access controls allowing you to communicate with stakeholders and regulatory authorities without sharing sensitive information. These features can be used in communication with guards via mobile portal about the current occupancy in the building, customers via your website and regulatory bodies in the event of an audit.

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