May 2020 Product Updates

As public spaces around the globe slowly start to reopen to the public, rules and guidelines have been put in place to keep people safe. We have been busy creating enhancements which can assist during this transition. You can also visit our resource hubs for Airports, Shopping Centres, Retailers, and Food & Beverage to see how different industries are approaching this problem and what measures they have taken to reopen.

Enhancements to Social Distancing Modules

The two social distancing modules we announced last month can help monitor and limit the number of individuals within your site. This month, we have added major enhancements to both products to help ensure the safety of your staff and visitors. You can keep updated with our newest modules here:

Flow Occupancy API

The mobile occupancy page we released last month to help clients with social distancing has received a lot of attention across different regions. So, to further help clients to use this information in different ways such as showing on digital signage on site or publishing on the website, we are releasing the Flow occupancy API. This API can be used to consume information about the number of visitors inside your property in real-time so that necessary actions can be taken to comply with social distancing regulations.

Real-Time Occupancy Alerts

We have enhanced our occupancy feature to include real-time email alerts. You can set a threshold for your site and get immediately notified once that threshold is met and exceeded. Not only can this be checked in the Occupancy reporting page within the platform, these alerts will also notify required users via email so that appropriate action can be taken. Alerts and thresholds can be configured for the entire site or by individual spaces, groups of spaces, and area.

Social Media City Information Categorized by Country

The current city data collected from social networks are now categorized by country and visualized through a pie chart at the bottom of the Demographics page. This provides you with a breakdown of how many of your visitors are local versus tourists. Having an understanding of your visitors also allows you to run targeting marketing campaigns towards certain visitor segments like locals or only visitors from a certain country.

Enhanced Email Opt-Out Management

The latest addition to our privacy suite allows you to define the behaviour of your email campaign unsubscribes. By enabling this feature, it allows you to unsubscribe emails across multiple organizations so that those email IDs will not be targeted by campaigns in the future. This feature helps our clients with more complex workflows manage their email unsubscribes and provide additional privacy settings.

Other Enhancements

  • Additional filters have been added to the Connect Users page.
  • UI simplified on the User Lists page to allow for easier creation of user lists.
  • Multiple pages have been optimized to speed up loading time.

Bug Fixes

  • Comparison page was not loading properly when selecting disabled sites.
  • Airport pre-computed data was incorrectly displaying data for days the site was not enabled.
  • Flow Comparison report page was missing site names if opened via copied/pasted URL.

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