Announcing Aislelabs’ Next Generation Splash Page Editor

Aislelabs is pleased to announce an overhaul of the splash page experience. This second version is now incredibly customizable and goes far beyond the original template editor. It’s a brand new way to create fresh, new journeys for customers logging onto the WiFi.

If you can imagine it, we can implement it.

We’ve worked with our clients to understand their needs for splash and landing pages. Our experience on thousands of sites and millions of users allowed us to up the game for our partners to create progressive and personalized splash pages. The editor is the most advanced and easiest to use in the market so businesses can take the shortest path to execute new pages quickly.

In this day and age, there’s no longer any room for the static, cookie-cutter user experience—and businesses will be able to easily design these experiences with the end user in mind. These new pages will be fast, seamless, and personalized.

These new updates come with our commitment to creating streamlined workflows for marketing teams. The process of creating new portal pages requires no IT support and can be easily created within the platform with the market’s most advanced and intuitive visual portal editor.

Craft Hyper Personalized Experiences for Your Customers

The new splash page editor makes it easy to personalize the login experience to customers logging onto the WiFi. Rule based personalizations on where and when they login lets your marketing team create any new journey or experience imaginable.

Create customer journeys based on age, gender, interests, language, and where in a space they log in. If they enter through the main entrance, they can be marketed to based on the surrounding shops versus entering through the food court entrance where food can be predominantly displayed on the splash page. If entering through the main lobby, for example, men will be advertised male fashion stores and women female fashion stores.

Loyal customers can also be delighted with journeys that are based on how many times they return. So their third and sixth visit will show a new page compared to their first visit. This allows for an infinite variety of splash pages and customer experiences creating personalized journeys that suit individual businesses.

Design Familiar Language Experiences for Your Customers

Not only can you personalize splash pages based on location, demographics, and psychographics but also on a customer’s native language as well. The portal supports left-to-right and right-to-left text providing the ability to present splash pages based on a customer’s chosen device language. This also allows social login options to change based on language since some social media platforms are popular in one part of the world and not another. It can also be used to make sure only customers who read in a business’ written language are opted in to email lists.

Endless Multimedia Branding Opportunities

Create rich multimedia content for your splash pages. Not only does the new Aislelabs splash page editor support images and GIFs, but audio and video as well. This allows businesses to provide multimedia friendly experiences to their customers. These multimedia enhanced splash pages can also be customized to areas within a location as well as customer behaviour, demographic, and psychographic data.

The new editor allows businesses to tailor their splash and landing pages in any number of ways. The layout is now completely customizable allowing you to arrange the elements in any way you see fit. Images are no longer limited to the top banner and can be added as a background image or multiple images can be used on the pages themselves while all fonts are now supported. With these changes, your splash and landing pages will better reflect your branding guidelines.

These pages now support responsive, device specific designs allowing you to create different splash pages across the spectrum for phones, tablets, and laptops. This way, when a user is presented with the splash screen, it is automatically configured to show a design created specifically for the device they are using.

Data Enrichment Through Simultaneous Logins

Siloed data has been an issue for enterprises and big data. Aislelabs has tackled this problem with our Customer Hub solution which is a unified customer data platform for online and offline customer interactions in a single source of truth. However, customers can still have their information siloed between different login options as an Instagram account may not have their phone number for SMS campaigns.

Portal version two solves this problem by allowing users to sign-in with multiple logins simultaneously. This allows you to collect demographic, psychographic, and contact information in a single sign-up for each user, creating the richest data profiles of your customers.

Our new portal and landing page creator has already been released to a select group of users and will progressively be rolled out to everyone. It will allow you to go beyond static landing pages to build dynamic, branded personalized journeys tailored to each and every one of your customers. We know you’ll be excited to create brand new, custom experiences for your customers and have more freedom and control over your own branding.

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