June 2020 Product Updates

We have officially arrived at the halfway point of 2020 and what a tough year it has been. Throughout the past few months, Aislelabs employees have been constantly reading, listening, learning, and adapting to the new normal. One problem we have tackled is how to help our customers reopen with two COVID modules. In addition, we have consolidated some best practices across different industries and geographies which can be found at the bottom of this post.

Aislelabs’ Next Generation Splash Page Editor has Launched!

At last, after months of designing, coding, and testing, we have launched our brand new Splash Page editor. This brand new editor will allow you to build (almost) anything you can imagine. It allows you to define your guests’ WiFi journey from the moment they connect to WiFi to the moment they get internet access. Creating this journey does not require any programming knowledge and is set up for you to easily drag-and-drop all the creative elements and components you need to brand it to your liking. You can easily personalize journeys, schedule future experiences, customize based on zones inside your sites, and conduct progressive profiling across all your sites.

Read more about the features of our next generation splash page editor here.

Real-time Smart Counter Across Multiple Sites

As retail sites reopen with government guidelines, knowing the number of individuals inside a site has become a prime requisite. This is especially challenging for firms that manage multiple sites to get occupancy numbers across a portfolio at all times. To help ease the situation, the real-time smart counter shows the accurate number of individuals at all sites in one report. As it is real-time, the report keeps updating to show occupancy across all sites.

Marketing User Lists Emphasizing Automatic and Dynamic Options

Last month, we simplified the process of creating user lists to allow our clients a more efficient way of choosing the users they would like to target. This month, we revamped the whole marketing user lists experience with a couple features. This includes ordering the user lists by most recently updated first, identifying user list types (dynamic, CRM, and CSV), and making user lists more descriptive when selecting them for campaigns. All of these features were built to make the overall marketing experience more streamlined and efficient.

Privacy and Compliance Management for Enterprises

Aislelabs has always been committed to protecting the privacy of our customers and their guests. With such a strong focus on privacy and compliance, we are proud to always exceed industry standards when it comes to enterprise organizations. This month, we have given our customers more control over which users within their organization have access to their guests’ PII. Individual users or user groups can be configured to either permit or restrict them from viewing and exporting data providing you with full control over your privacy settings. You can read more about the different types of roles and how to use them:

Enterprise Features for Privacy and Compliance Management in Aislelabs Connect

Upgraded APIs Provide Double Opt-in and Compliance Information

Connect APIs now include additional information on double opt-in and user’s compliance information. These enhancements will allow enterprise customers to manage compliance outside of the Aislelabs platform, across all systems, with greater ease.

Understand your Email Campaign Spam Score

We have added the ability for our customers to understand how likely their email campaign will land in email inboxes versus the email spam folder. This highly requested feature provides a score which is calculated by looking through the email template content and checks for any red flags like a missing unsubscribe link. By understanding your score prior to executing these campaigns, you could tweak it to ensure your emails are not flagged by spam traps. You could refer to some of our resources on ways to improve deliverability.

Other Enhancements

  • RADIUS custom attributes can now apply to multiple sites within an organization.
  • The Space Settings page UI has been updated to be more user friendly.
  • The email body in occupancy alerts can now be configured to provide context and guidance to recipients on next steps.
  • Email and SMS campaigns which are currently running can now be edited without changing the start date.
  • Occupancy alerts will now trigger for space and area thresholds in addition to site level.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed display issue of certain characters not showing up properly on splash pages.
  • Random success pages will now trigger if a user authenticates to the WiFi using Facebook.
  • The Export to CSV button under Splash Parameters Information table on the Profile page will now export the correct data.
  • Addressed issue with the back button on the mobile occupancy page not allowing users to return to a previous page.

Additional Resources for Reopening Physical Spaces

Public spaces around the globe have begun to reopen and we have been busy creating resources which can assist during this transition. Aislelabs is pleased to offer these playbooks and resource hubs for different verticals available below:

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