How Offering Free Guest WiFi Can Bring in Revenue

Transform your guest WiFi from IT cost centre to an advanced marketing and intelligence platform that brings in revenue.

The cost for deploying wireless infrastructure that offers free guest WiFi in large brick and mortars usually comes out of the IT budget. This is typically seen as an expense which won’t see a return on investment.

This needs not be the case as it could be a source of revenue. At this year’s Aruba ATM Digital conference, Aislelabs was pleased to present a webinar which detailed how the cost for a WiFi network can come out of Marketing CMO and Customer Insights budgets instead of IT. To learn more, we’ve made the video of the webinar available to the public which you can watch now.

This video describes exactly how a WiFi network can help drive revenue and key features of the enterprise-grade Aislelabs platform. It details what the process is like and how information can be collected and processed to reveal actionable insights.

Learn who your customers are and what their behaviour in your physical location is by offering one-click access to free WiFi via social media accounts. Understand who they are and how they shop. Send multi-channel campaigns easily through email as well as digital and social media avenues. Create and send surveys at key times to enlist customer feedback. Most importantly, get a real ROI by going further than click-through rates and compare who viewed your message and how many of them actually returned to your venue.

Collect insights on customer behaviour even if they do not opt-in to the free WiFi by anonymously triangulating mobile device locations. Automatically obtain aggregated location data without a visitor taking any action at all. Understand how customers interact with your physical locations in a privacy-centric platform that visualizes first time vs. repeat visitors, customer loyalty, dwell times, walking paths, real-time heatmaps, and the complete conversion funnel. Anonymous data collected this way is done in a privacy-centric manner that protects the privacy rights of visitors.

Click the following link to watch the webinar and learn more about our advanced platform.

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