July 2020 Product Updates

The gears at Aislelabs continue to crank along with a bevy of new updates and features for our clients. The summer months are officially here and we’ve put together some enhancements and also updating solutions regarding reopening physical spaces during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Portal Editor UI/UX Enhancements

We are continuing to improve the Portal Editor, and this months’ update brings a redesigned Captive Portal Setup dashboard. You can now view all pages and rules in the user journey in a visual manner, and also change user journey type and switch between different pages. This dashboard provides you with a snapshot of all your creatives, to easily identify which pages are used within your journey. Since the last month’s announcements of the new Portal Editor we have received a lot of good feedback, and we will continue to enhance this module even further in the months to come.

Site Level Email Campaign Analytics

Email campaigns, which are configured to run for multiple sites, will now also provide details on site level. You can configure campaigns, such as welcome or loyalty campaigns, across multiple sites. With the update, the email campaign analytics page has details on which of the selected sites resulted in the guest receiving the email. This allows you to segment the aggregated analytics to understand the analytics at each site’s level.

Unsubscribe Header Enabled Across All Email Campaigns

All email campaigns now automatically include an one-click unsubscribe option. Previously, you could include the unsubscribe link in the footer of the email. With the update, in addition to the link in the footer, in compatible email clients like GMail, the user will also see a one-click unsubscribe option besides the sender name. This allows customers who are not interested in receiving the email to unsubscribe easily; as they may otherwise flag the email as spam reducing your domain authority.

Enhancing Our COVID-19 Solutions With Smart Sanitization

We are continuing to improve the COVID-19 specific solutions with new features to serve customers across verticals and large corporate offices. This includes enhancements to identify high traffic areas as part of the Smart Sanitization module and also enabling exposure notification in workplaces.

Mobile and Site Occupancy Feature Enhancements

This month, we have added two of the most requested features to our Occupancy pages, heatmaps and multi-site dashboard. The first feature allows all our clients to also view heatmaps at the bottom of their Mobile Occupancy page. Users can easily cross reference where each zone is with the listed occupancy numbers. The second feature is for our enterprise clients with multiple sites. You can now view the occupancy of multiple sites on your Site Occupancy page allowing it to act as your centralized dashboard to help monitor real-time occupancy or compare historical trends and visitor metrics.

Compatibility With Alcatel-Lucent for Aislelabs Connect

Aislelabs Connect now integrates with Alcatel-Lucent’s WiFi’s Stellar access points. Alcatel-Lucent provides a customized technology experience to help customers make everything connect. Alcatel-Lucent offers a range of on-premises, cloud, and hybrid networking and communications solutions for their customers across different industries including education, government, healthcare, hospitality, and transportation. Customers will now be able to natively deploy the Aislelabs platform with the Alcatel-Lucent APs.

Other Enhancements

  • Real-time SMS alerts for when the site occupancy exceeds the desired threshold.
  • Sped up page loading times across our platform.
  • Added the option to select all sites when using Master Templates for Portal Editor.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved SMS Login on splash page causing multiple sign-in records.
  • Fixed issues that denied users permission to download the floor map using the API.
  • Fixed issues which occurred when loading the Site Comparison page with both spaces and areas selected.

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