September 2020 Product Updates

We’re approaching the final days of summer so get as much sun in as you can. We at Aislelabs continue working remotely and, as autumn approaches, we’ve added numerous improvements, upgrades, and enhancements to our platform. Here’s what’s been falling into place for the month of September:

New Top Paths Page for More Detailed Reports

Do you want to know more about your visitors’ movement patterns? Do you make business strategies based on cross-space and paths metrics? Our most used feature has been enhanced with a new look and to provide more details to help you make relevant decisions. Our Top Paths page now allows you to dive deep into how visitors move around in your property through intuitive visualization.

With our paths feature, you can analyze routes visitors take chronologically from one space to another to infer preferred traffic patterns at the property and gain a deeper understanding of visitor choices.

The page also provides multiple rich interactive visualizations to understand cross space visits by custom selecting spaces or space groups to generate visual analytics. Leverage this colour coded intuitive chart to understand the popular combinations of spaces that visitors dwell in.

Salesforce Audience Studio Integration

Aislelabs is pleased to announce that Connect is now integrated with Salesforce Audience Studio. This integration allows first-party data to be used within the Salesforce Audience Studio DMP (previously Krux) for behavioural retargeting and online advertising.

Improvements to the Sensor Status Page

We have added additional filters and functionality to the Sensor Status page this month. You can now select and load data across multiple sites, providing you with a more versatile reporting page. Additionally, data granularity can be changed to display hourly by day for the entire date range selected.

Captive Portal Rule-Based Journey Enhancements

Captive Portal Editor now features a new revamped control panel to create user journey rules. Rules can be used to create more robust user journeys, only displaying certain pages within your authentication process to specific users, devices, or within a given date range. With this update, you can create even more fine-grained experiences for customers connecting to WiFi and personalize them in a multitude of ways.

Max WiFi Time Limit for Captive Portal

We have added the ability to enforce a maximum time limit when using our captive portal. By enabling this feature, you are able to restrict how long each device can be connected to your guest WiFi over a given time period. This provides you with additional flexibility to manage your guest WiFi and usage.

Other Enhancements

  • Added the ability to see which filters were used to create static user lists.
  • Completed specific date email campaign configurations can now be viewed more easily.
  • A loading icon will be displayed while the list of email templates are being loaded in the email campaign page.
  • Additional API logs added for the recently created APIs.
  • Added a new timezone to our settings.
  • Various Portal Editor enhancements to allow for a more robust and customizable user journey.

Bug Fixes

  • Numerous minor Portal Editor bugs were identified and resolved.
  • The postal code field is now sent properly via the API.
  • Changing the TDID now resets the Entrance Report page.

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