November 2020 Product Updates

It has been a difficult year but there are still things to be thankful for: good friends, family, and the technology that allows us to connect. We at Aislelabs continue to communicate and work together remotely to bring our clients new improvements to our platform. Here’s what we’ve been working on for the month of November:

Dynamic Language-Based Images Added to Portal Editor

You are now able to display different images for each language you set on your Portal Editor. This provides additional flexibility to customize your guest WiFi journey for different user groups. This is particularly useful for your images which contain text so that when a user changes the language on the Portal, they could see the image with their corresponding text or even no image at all. The device’s language will be identified and the corresponding portal configuration would be shown.

New Unified Flow Report Page

The Flow platform has been steadily growing and now provides over 80 reports and 100 metrics. This month, we launched a new page called Flow Report that provides all the key metrics of your visits on one single page. This new page consolidates 20+ metrics into one dashboard and gives power users the ability to easily monitor key visitor metrics. This saves time switching between reports since you can load data across multiple sites and dates within seconds. Lastly, both real-time and pre-computed data are supported further increasing the amount of reports this dashboard can generate.

Advanced Email Validation Options

In our five part email list hygiene blog posts we published last year, we briefly touched upon how hard bounced emails could damage your sender reputation resulting in the deliverability of all future emails sent. To help ensure our 99%+ deliverability rates, we automatically mark hard bounced emails as invalid after a three-strike policy. This means that after three unsuccessful deliveries, that email would no longer be sent future emails to protect your sender score. However, we understand that sometimes emails could be marked as invalid when they are in fact valid emails. By using this new feature, it allows you to manually change invalid emails to valid allowing them to receive all future email communications.

Visualize All Your Marketing Campaigns on Our Newest Dashboard

We are excited to announce our latest marketing dashboard which provides you with a comprehensive view of your marketing campaigns. Use the content calendar to easily track which days you executed campaigns and easily navigate to each campaign to see the analytics. We cannot wait for you to check it out and look forward to many more enhancements in the upcoming months.

Smartfill for Unexpected Outages

At Aislelabs, we pride ourselves in having 99.9% uptime but unexpected outages are bound to happen. Similarly with hardware and internet providers, your data could be lost during periods when either your access points or internet goes down. This causes data loss and affects your reporting and provides you with an incomplete picture. We have enhanced the Smartfill features within our platform to help complete your visits and occupancy reporting during these unexpected issues or outages. This feature is very useful for enterprise customers with many stakeholders and sites as a means to provide a more comprehensive report knowing the data loss is accounted for.

Enhanced User Journey Selection for your Portal Editor

The User Journey selection on the Portal Editor has been updated with improved selector for user experience when selecting your journey. When selecting a new user journey, a prompt has also been added to help guide you on next steps. Since the launch of our new Portal Editor earlier this year, we have been consistently gathering feedback and updating it accordingly. Remember to keep an eye out for future updates as we aim to create the most robust and flexible Portal Editor to accommodate all your needs.

Other Enhancements

  • Added new filter options to the Demographics and Connections page.
  • Various Payment WiFi updates including supporting multiple languages and translations.
  • The SMS Campaigns page has been updated with more features similar to the Email Campaigns page.
  • Enhanced identity-based authentication on the Portal Editor.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved issue preventing certain redirect URLs from opening in Safari after a successful WiFi authentication.
  • Addressed numerous bugs within the Portal Editor.
  • Added the logo for Aruba 8.3 controllers on the Edit Site page.
  • Changed the ability of editing completed SMS Campaigns to viewing them instead.
  • Fixed email deliverability metrics under Email Campaign Analytics.
  • Fixed a small bug which affected the Portal Editor preview on Firefox browsers.

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