January 2021 Product Updates

A brand new year is upon us which means a brand new chance to start fresh. We at Aislelabs continue to work tirelessly to bring our clients brand new upgrades and improvements. Here’s what’s new in January:

Announcing Our Newest Marketing Automation Builder

This month, we redesigned how omni-channel campaigns can be run within the Aislelabs platform. This new visual drag and drop builder allows you to easily create drip campaigns. It is built upon the existing marketing engine meaning every campaign you were able to create can be visualized now. Users can still create automated SMS and email campaigns with multi-stage delivery based on decisions like email opens, purchases, and A/B tests but many new features have been added as well and we cannot wait for you to try it out!

Higher Accuracy Location Analytics with Multi-Sensor Data

Aislelabs proprietary location engine for Flow advances on to improve accuracy and provide the most sophisticated calibration engine in the industry as we continue to track new emerging technologies such as 802.11mc. We are also adding new sensors and enhancing the algorithms, to unify the data, and provide a high accuracy single soure of truth intelligence from cameras, people counting sensors, and WiFi as part of the new Aislelabs Insights product suite.


Enhanced Flow Report

Several improvements to the Flow reports to show additional analytics including visit distributions. This new Flow report combines analytics from multiple reports, and provides 20+ metrics, in a single dashboard.

New APIs for Data Deletion Requests for Privacy and Compliance

We added new APIs allowing our customers to meet stringent privacy and compliance requirements. Data deletion requests, which already are recorded with the enterprise-wide audit log, are now available via APIs. This allows enterprises to add further controls in their compliance policies as they meet GDPR, CCPA and other regulations.


Other Enhancements

  • You can now configure your social media URLs directly on the Smart Reviews page.
  • The sensor alert emails now include a CSV attachment of all down sensors.
  • Included Scheduled and Pending campaigns into the Active metric on the Email Campaign Performance page.
  • Added a birthday input component to the Customer Hub screen builder.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a rare issue which would cause the Email Campaigns page to not load.
  • Resolved bug affected the Calendar page from loading data and temp icons.

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