February 2021 Product Updates

It’s the second month of the year and the gears at Aislelabs have been cranking along nicely. We’ve got several significant updates to announce and here are the updates for the February release:

Pause Already Running Email Campaigns

You can now disable an already running email campaign. This allows you to halt any campaigns which may have been started in error. The disabled campaign can be easily cloned and restarted once the identified error has been fixed.

WhatsApp based OTP for Splash Page Authentication

You can now receive your one-time passwords through Whatsapp when using SMS authentication on the captive portal in addition to SMS. This provides an additional channel to reach your customers who may not have an active mobile network during authentication. This is an add-on feature that may incur additional costs so reach out to your Customer Success Manager to learn more.


Flow Report: New Unified View for all Your Analytics

The newly released “Flow Report” will provide all your key metrics on one single page. Various metrics like visits, unique visitors, new vs repeat, dwell time are all available in this single dashboard. This allows you to quickly switch between real-time and pre-computed data for all your reporting needs.

Visualized Smart Filled Data with Color Coding

Sensor downtime and data interruptions are inevitable within a site and can result in data loss. Smart Filling helps you intelligently backfill these data points in your reporting. With this new feature, you can easily distinguish between data that has been captured through sensors and data which has been Smart Filled. If you haven’t used our Smart Filling feature and want to learn more about it, please reach out to your CSM.

Other Enhancements

  • Reports with the pre-computed data option, now informs you to apply the change if the option is toggled.
  • Standardized the timezone selector across the platform.
  • Improvements to Your Campaigns and Automation Builder pages.

Bug Fixes

  • The Weather and Calendar pages are now fully functional on our global hosting servers.
  • Resolved data inconsistency issue when loading the Flow Comparison page with more than 10 sites.
  • Addressed a discrepancy between our API document and response for the Web User Auth API.

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