Master Mobile Marketing Even Without an App

Smartphones have become indispensable pieces of technology and provide a great way for you to market to your customers through mobile marketing.

We all rely on our phones for social media, email, contacting friends or family, watching the latest videos, scheduling our day, or even just to wake us up in the morning. These devices have become so embedded in our daily lives it’s hard not to rely on them—and this is what makes them a dream come true for marketers.

Apps and notifications provide a fantastic way to inform and market to your customers. Younger generations are prone to researching products online even when inside a store. Providing an app that easily allows customers to see reviews or more information of a product can be the difference in whether they purchase your offering.

App Notifications

Creating a way for customers to regularly interact with your brand is incredibly important for building trust and loyalty. Notifications are a critical component to encourage regular usage of an app and a surefire way building a rapport between customer and brand.

91.1% of Android users and 43.9% of iPhone users opt-in to receive push notifications. The large discrepancy between the platforms is due to the fact that Android devices automatically enable push notifications whereas Apple’s device requires active consent on the user’s part. Of those who do receive notifications, there is an open rate of 30% to 60% and an interaction rate of 4% to 10% across all devices meaning it gets much better rates than email.

Effective Mobile Marketing Strategies

No one likes receiving excessive notifications. To effectively use notifications for mobile marketing and brand building, there are some very important general guidelines that should be followed. First of which is adding value to your customer. App notifications should be exclusive to the app alone and not available anywhere else and be relevant to the customer.

Make sure your notifications are also not intrusive. Notifications should not be used as a reminder that your app hasn’t been used in a while by the customer as that kind of interaction can backfire. Customers should not feel they’re being pressured to use the app as that could lead to them deleting it.

Finally, allow customers to control their notifications. Some customers really loathe them and might prefer not to receive them at all no matter the incentive. As we’ve already seen, iOS already gives this option as default but if you provide users the ability to personalize what kind of messaging they receive, that in itself helps build your brand reputation in their minds.

App Free Communication

It’s also possible to interact with customers without using an app at all. Aislelabs’ rule-based WiFi marketing platform is capable of sending personalized emails and SMS messages. A great use of the platform is to use location as a trigger for a message to be sent. What this means is that a campaign can be set up where an email or SMS message is sent when a location’s wireless network detects a customer returning to the premises. Larger venues such as shopping malls can even fine tune this down to the particular entrance used.

This type of communication is best used with an additional trigger based on how many times a customer visits. For example, an email or SMS can be sent out on the third time a customer returns to your retail outlet rather than each instance they return. The benefit of communicating this way is that people generally keep notifications on for SMS and email even if they’re more prone to turn off notifications for other apps.

By leveraging smartphones and personalized communication, you can market to your customers more effectively.

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