April 2021 Product Updates

Customer engagement and digital channels never stop evolving—and neither do we! Aislelabs engineers have been hard at work enhancing capabilities and building out new features into the platform. Here is what we’ve added in the past month to make the Aislelabs solution even more robust than ever.

Visualize Visitor Traffic by Time of Day and Day of the Week

We have added a chart that helps you to understand high traffic periods of the day as well as the high traffic days of the week at your site. This enables you to make better decisions such as allocating staff, organizing events and scheduling cleanup sessions at your site.

We have also added a Space-specific chart that allows you to understand high traffic days of the week at a particular space. This enables you to make space-based decisions to improve visits and dwell at certain spaces within the site.

Understand Your Site’s Overall Revenue Conversion Compared to Visits

You can now view your entire site’s revenue and transaction metrics compared to site visits. This can help you understand the correlation between visits and revenue conversions for the entire site, thereby allowing you to focus on improving conversions per visit.

Cambium cnPilot Support for Aislelabs Solutions

We have extended our integrations with Cambium now providing support for cnPilot access points. Businesses using cnPilot access points can now leverage Aislelabs solutions, deriving best in class location analytics and WiFi marketing capabilities.

Target Customers Based On Their Activity within Your Online Store

Category and Order Amounts from your online store are now available as advanced filters. You can now segment users visiting your online store based on these filters and create targeted marketing campaigns directly from Aislelabs platform.

Drag and Drop Products List within Aislelabs’ Email Templates

You can now sync product information from your Shopify account directly into Aislelabs allowing you to drag and drop products into Aislelabs’ email templates. This saves you the hassle of manually recreating your online products for each marketing campaign. Additionally, customers who receive these emails can select individual products and be automatically redirected to the product page on your Shopify store.

Other Enhancements

  • Standardized the date format on Flow pages
  • APIs have been updated to return meaningful error responses when the rate limit is exceeded
  • Simplified the process of adding custom fonts to email templates

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue while viewing Dynamic User List filters
  • Flow Report no longer shows Occupancy Thresholds under Space Tags filter
  • Fixed consistency issue between Real-time and Precomputed Data for Number of Unique Visitors
  • Updated the use of timezone information from URLs for Connect analytics

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