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When you think of engaging your customers and increasing patronage, free guest WiFi is probably not at the top of that list. Usually seen as an expenditure, offering WiFi to your customers it is actually a great source of marketing potential and revenue.

Customers generally see free WiFi as a bonus for visiting certain establishments. They generally have no qualms about providing contact information or signing on through a social media account to log on to the internet. It is one of the greatest incentives across all age groups. This provides food and beverage establishments a fantastic way to contact their customers when they are not even visiting.

Now that you can contact your customers…

Marketing to customers that have opted in to the WiFi provides a list of customers who have already visited your establishment. With this information, you can keep them apprised of events like food and wine tastings or inform them of a special offering. Just keeping in regular contact with your customers already puts you ahead of the pack but from here you can build deeper relationships.

Offer exclusive perks

Another great potential is to make your list the only place they can access exclusive perks. Creating a loyalty program is a good way to retain your current customers and have them visit more often. By offering a gift or deal via email from time to time is an excellent way to make a simple but effective loyalty program.

Automated birthday emails are a tried and true way to make customers feel special. By easily creating a birthday campaign with a discount or an offer for a free item, you’ll be able to make them feel like you’re paying attention to them and make them feel special.

Gifts and discounts aren’t the only things you can offer. For events, you could inform your customers on your list that they’re receiving advanced notification and the ability to buy tickets before they’re available to the public.

Secret menus are also a great incentive. Everyone loves being in the know when it comes to secret menu items and email is a great way to notify your most loyal customers who can then pass it on by word of mouth.

Digital marketing campaigns like these are truly a fantastic way to create a personalized experience for each and every guest that signs up to your email list.

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