Why People Counters are Important for Your Business (Part 1)

People counters and WiFi location analytics provide a wealth of information that improves businesses. Understanding how many people have entered your retail store or venue is an important indicator, allowing you to make critical decisions about what to optimize within the premises.

People Counters: The Competitive Advantage

Analyzing foot traffic metrics will provide you with the number of people entering your store. With this insight, you can correlate your customers purchasing averages to footfall traffic giving you a better representation of how much your customers spend in store.

Persistent Identity with WiFi Location Analytics

Advanced people counting can be done with WiFi infrastructure allows you to understand the cross affinity between spaces. By sectioning off your cashier area (along with other departments, for example) you can get a better idea of how many customers abandon their carts or are just browsing. Should a customer enter the store but not enter the cashier zone, it’s safe to say they haven’t made a purchase.

Combining that information with revenue from your POS devices will give an even clearer idea of how much your customers spend on average and how many of your customers enter the store but don’t buy. You may even see a correlation between non-buyers and a particular zone in your retail space which could inform you something about that zone seems to influence shoppers not to buy so you can correct it.

Staff Optimization

Customer behaviour and visitor count can help you better understand staffing needs. Footfall insights of each zone within a location can be broken down to time of day. By aggregating this historical data, your can predict which zones are busiest at which times allowing you to strategically place your staff. This makes sure you have the right amount of staff, in the right place, and at the right time, which could reduce how many of your customers abandon their carts.

Understand Weather Impact

Studies have shown that customers are less likely to go shopping or to events when the weather turns sour. Since we can’t control the weather, it’s important to find out what kind of impact it has on visits so you can staff properly before and after a particularly gloomy period or other incremental weather.

People counters are an incredible source of information. It helps you make informed marketing and operational decisions and in part 2 we’ll cover even more ways it can help your bottom line.

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