Why People Counters are Important for Your Business (Part 2)

Understanding how many people enter your retail store and how they interact with the space provides illuminating insights for your business. By leveraging data from people counters, you can make optimal decisions that improve the space and increase revenue.

Part 1 of this series covered how people counting provides a competitive advantage and how persistent identity helps optimize operations. In this second part, we’ll explore ways it can help increase revenue.

Measure Your ROI and Track Marketing Spend

Aislelabs uses a Walkthrough Rate (WTR) to determine the success of your digital marketing campaigns. When an email, online ad, or other digital campaign is created from an audience who associated with the free guest WiFi at your location, returning customers can be verified by the Aislelabs platform. Armed with the average customer spend and the number of returning customers, you’ll receive a true understanding of the success of your campaign in dollar amounts. This data goes beyond simple email open and click rates to give you a true view on exactly which customers returned.

Monetize Digital Screens

Many retailers have digital screens throughout a store, providing a great place to sell digital advertising. Spaces with digital display ads can be designated on a floor plan within the Aislelabs platform. The solution can then triangulate how many people were in that space counting them as impressions. This allows you to monetize ads by impressions: the more customers or visitors see the ad, the more you can charge advertisers and bring in more revenue.

Integrate All Your Sensors under One Platform

There are different ways and hardware solutions to count visitors. Door counters, smart cameras, ticketing systems, WiFi hardware, etc. can all be deployed in one space but they all use their own siloed dashboards. Fortunately, Aislelabs can pull data from multiple sources into a single, unified dashboard that leverages all of the benefits of each type of sensor in one place.

People Counters and Informed Tenanting Decisions

Larger venues with multiple retailers are able to better understand how customers interact with their retail tenants. By understanding customer cross affinity between all of your tenants, you can make more informed decisions about your retail mix and discover new possible retailers to add.

People counters are an incredible source data and insights that help increase revenue. Whether through optimizing operations or informing marketing decisions, people counting should be an important arrow in your data quiver that grows your business.

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