May 2021 Product Updates

Our team at Aislelabs is passionate about solving our clients’ problems. We work hard to define and design our products collaboratively with our customers to deliver a product they love. Here are the updates from our latest release.

Enhanced Automation Flows with Triggers Based on Campaigns

You can now start an Automation flow based on campaigns, allowing you to configure intuitive journeys based on user interactions with the campaign such as opens or clicks. This feature improves the flexibility of the Automation flow allowing you to reach your customers in innovative ways.

Announcing the New Customer Hub Form Editor

Say hello to our new Customer Hub Form Editor, which allows you to capture customer data from websites and mobile apps using forms. We have completely revamped the Form Editor with improved UI/UX. Drag, drop, customize, save and publish forms, it’s as easy as that. The new Form Editor has all the features available from the previous version and more.

AIOps for Meraki-based WiFi Deployments

We have extended the AIOps capabilities of Flow to automatically surface errors by building deeper integration with large Meraki-based WiFi infrastructures. Aislelabs works with large venue operators, with thousands of APs feeding data into Flow. Ensuring correct placement of APs across sites is critical for good quality analytics, this is complicated by the ever-changing nature of physical APs, hardware failure or replacement. 

With the new integration, periodic automated checks can be run for customers with large Meraki deployments. The new integration checks the settings across thousands of sites and will report any inconsistencies or potential errors.


Other Enhancements

  • Improved performance and loading times for the new unified Flow Report
  • Consolidated decision splitting nodes within the Automation builder
  • Improved help options for maximum occupancy calculation

Bug Fixes 

  • Resolved birthday input issue that made inputting a value mandatory in Forms
  • Deliverability metrics rendering fixed for Marketing Automation campaigns
  • Resolved a guest WiFi authentication issue for Ruckus Cloud hardware introduced in their latest software release

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