June 2021 Product Updates

It’s now the mid-way point of the year, we have been closely listening to our customers’ needs to make their life easier – from new schema filters to integrations with partners. Here’s what has kept us busy in the month of June.

Improved Flexibility of Schema Filters with Additional Options

You can now find users and create user lists by filtering email addresses, names, and other configured Schema by its initial characters, as well as, if it contains a set of characters. This greatly improves the flexibility of the Schema filter thereby allowing you to configure complex operations such as filtering out keywords like email domains or postal/zip code regions. For example, setting “zip code starts with M5G” would filter all users belonging to the Toronto downtown (Central Bay Street) area.


Enhanced the Demographics Report with Connect User’s Country Data

The Demographics page now displays the nationality of users connecting to your network if it is collected as part of the login process. This provides additional insights that can be leveraged to make informed decisions on your marketing campaigns. When combined with other data provided by Aislelabs such as Customer Interests, you can make strategic decisions on personalising campaigns when reaching out to your customers.

Customer Hub Forms can now be embedded using CSS Selectors

You can now embed your Customer Hub Forms using CSS selectors as well as control its placements within the selector using Aislelabs. This allows you to easily select, embed, and style the Customer Hub Form using the selector as a reference. 


Create User Lists Based on Your Customer’s Product Affinity

Sending the right message to the right set of customers is ever so important in this day and age. Aislelabs allows you to view the product affinity of your customers based on their purchase patterns within the Ecommerce store with an additional ability to quickly create a user list right from the affinity page. This saves you a lot of time and allows you to reach the right customers in an effective manner.

Axper Camera Integration for Aislelabs Solutions

Aislelabs Insights provides a single unified view combining visitor behavioural analytics along with data from various external sources. Through our integration with Axper People Counting and Tracking Solutions, Aislelabs Insights displays visual charts of data ingested from the people counting tool. Businesses using Axper Solutions can now utilize Aislelabs as their single source of truth, providing location analytics along with people counting data from Axper.

Other Enhancements

  • Improved the Customer Hub Form Code Snippet with an Organisation level key.
  • Added a breakdown tab to the Advanced Email Analytics section within the Email Campaign Analytics page. 
  • Streamlined options when creating a new Email Template.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue with the precompute option within the Flow report.
  • Resolved an issue which made the Floorplan disappear when zoomed in/out.
  • Resolved a Customer Hub Form issue where input labels changes were not saved.

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