July 2021 Product Updates

Customer journeys are becoming increasingly complex because of changing preferences, omnichannel touchpoints, and multiple siloed profiles across services. Our July updates aim to help businesses interact with customers in a more meaningful way.


Trigger Marketing Campaigns When Customers are Inside the Store

With the new Marketing Automation update, you can ensure that your customers receive specific promotions triggered when they are inside your store. This update provides additional options within the campaign creator for location-based triggers of automation campaigns for in-store visitors. As an example use case, automation rules can be configured such that only customers visiting your store after opening a promotional email campaign are sent a promotional code that can be redeemed by them at the store.

Marketing campaign

Enhanced the Age Selector within the Captive Portal

You can now add or customize the text of the preselected age option in the Age Selector. With this enhancement, users that connect to the WiFi will be able to view a meaningful text instead of a preselected age value. This greatly improves the accuracy of user details collected, as users will have to modify the age in order to progress with the WiFi login process.


Improved Audit Log and Captive Portal Versions with Archiving Options 

You can now archive previously created captive portals thereby hiding it from the complete list of splash page versions created. All changes to the captive portal and splash page are recorded in a secure audit log with a version number so you can easily roll back or switch versions. The new feature allows you to find the splash page versions that you are looking for quickly, archive the ones you will not use, and perform corresponding operations. Note, archiving does not delete anything from the audit log or versions, but it simply hides them to declutter the view.


LoyaltyLion Integration with Aislelabs Solutions 

We have integrated with LoyaltyLion which enhances our eCommerce offering. This new integration brings data points from LoyaltyLion into the platform allowing for more personalized marketing campaigns to be executed. If you would like to integrate with your existing LoyaltyLion account, please reach out to your customer success manager.

Introducing All-new Landing Page Builder for Websites and Campaigns

In addition to the embeddable forms provided by Aislelabs, we have released a new landing page based form that is hosted by Aislelabs. You can redirect your customers using campaigns to this page to collect information or register them as part of newsletters. These landing pages extend forms by also providing a fully hosted location and can be used within your websites, campaigns or mobile web.



Spanish Aislelabs Articles Now Available in Our Help Center

With Spanish being the language of choice for our growing user base, we hope to provide a more inclusive platform – we’re proud to announce that the Aislelabs’ Help Center now supports articles in Spanish! You can access our Spanish articles by visiting https://aislelabs.elevio.help. You will need to be logged in to view all articles in the Help Centre. 

Other Enhancements

  • Enhanced the Customer Hub Forms making it embeddable to all HTML elements with the registered class name
  • Added a Phone Number component to the Form Editor
  • Added external links support for Image Carousels within the Captive Portal

Bug Fixes 

  • Resolved an issue which made the Floor Map disappear when zoomed in/out
  • Fixed an issue with the eCommerce filter within the user list page
  • Fixed a warning that was shown when creating a new form and switching the form type

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