August 2021 Product Updates

As the Olympics wind down, Canada’s best-ever performance thrilled, moved, and inspired us! We try to embody the dedication that the athletes stand for, working tirelessly behind the scenes to perform when under pressure. Here are the product updates that kept us busy in the month of August: 

Introducing the All New Exhibition Report page

The platform now features an all-new Exhibition Report, designed specifically for measuring conferences, events, and exhibitions during and after they complete. The new report includes metrics purpose-built for exhibition centers, conference venues, event organisers, and sponsors to understand key metrics for the event. This report can also be monetized and metrics shared with sponsors and third parties, for anonymous analytics, to increase revenue.

Exhibition Report

Exhibition report for large spaces

Define Sample User Lists to Perform A/B Testing

Easily create new splits (sublists) of your existing user list right from the User Lists page. This update provides you with more controls on creating the sublist, allowing you to specify the number of sublists to be created and also the number of users that should exist within each new sublist created. The newly created sublists can be used for A/B testing.

Sample User lists for A/B testing

Set Limits on the Number of SMS Messages sent by Aislelabs

You can now create set-it-and-forget-it SMS campaigns with limits on the number of messages sent. Aislelabs’ intelligence engine ensures that any campaign triggered will always respect the limits configured at the account or campaign level. 

SMS automation triggers

Enable Wi-Fi Connections with Active Directory Login

You can now allow your users to securely login using an ADFS (Microsoft Active Directory) Single Sign On option that you manage and provide within the Aislelabs Portal. The ADFS login button can be easily dragged and dropped on the Portal Page as well as configured to provide a seamless and secure way for your users to login and access your network.

Active DIrectory login

Create User Journeys based on the Schema of the User

You can now set conditions to trigger campaigns based on the schemas of users within the Marketing Automation Editor. This allows you to reach your customers in more innovative ways, leveraging schema information collected from users. Customers will benefit from having personalised and meaningful content delivered to them.

User journeys

Other Enhancements

Bug Fixes 

  • Fixed a minor issue in the CSV download of Layover Passenger Flow report
  • Fixed a rendering issue in the product affinity analysis chart and the sensor status details chart
  • Fixed a rendering issue in the Flow Report that was caused when the start time was later in the day (with precompute enabled)
  • Fixed an issue which caused the submit button to remain active after a review was submitted


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