September 2021 Product Updates

September is here, the summer is winding down and the smell of pumpkin spice latte is in the air. In the meantime, we’ve been busy working on enabling the operations of our location analytics and marketing products.

Improved Access Points Health Checks

The Flow Sensor Status page is now improved with new features and faster performance, allowing you to easily check the data collection status at your site. WiFi access points send raw data used to generate analytics for the site; any downtime in this data collection can lead to data quality issues. The sensor status page has been redesigned so that you can view real-time and historical data collection reports with ease.

Enhanced the User List page with Edit Functionality

You can now select a user list and edit it on the fly using search, remove, and add user functionalities. This saves you a lot of time when preparing user lists as you can simply clone and tailor user lists based on your requirement instead of building from scratch. Additionally, this page provides a change log section allowing you to track all changes made to a user list.

Embed Product Feedback Links to Your Email Templates

Using the Email template editor, you can now add a preconfigured row that automatically populates with the products that a user has purchased. This allows users to provide feedback on the products that they purchased. This feature automates the process of having to manually create new templates based on a user’s purchase history.

Embed Abandoned Cart Products Links to Your Email Templates

The Email template editor can now add a preconfigured row which automatically populates with the products that a user had abandoned on your eCommerce store. When configured, your users will automatically be sent an email notifying them of the products which they abandoned, encouraging them to complete the checkout, thereby increasing revenue.

Add a Facebook Sign Up Button to Customer Hub Form

You can now drag and drop a Facebook Sign Up button to your form using the Customer Hub Form creator. This allows your customers to subscribe to your newsletters with just one click instead of using the traditional email address option. Customer Hub allows you to consolidate data from WiFi connections and sign-ups across your websites and mobile apps, creating a unified Customer Data Platform.

Other Enhancements

  • Embeddable LoyaltyLion Points Merge Tags in Email Templates
  • Shorthand added to the Nationality and Country Selector Options
  • Updated reporting on visits across spaces for Airport passengers

Bug Fixes 

  • Visit Number formatting issue in Flow Report CSV downloads has been fixed
  • Fixed an issue which did not display users that login using Twitter
  • Fixed a portal editor issue that did not allow images to be added to the image carousel

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