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Aislelabs Releases New E-Book: Staying Clear of Spam Filters

Aislelabs has released a new e-book called Staying Clear of Spam Filters: Your Guide to Run Successful Email Campaigns. Spam is a huge issue in regards to email marketing and navigating between delivering targeted emails and avoiding the spam filter …

How to Achieve 100% User Growth and 15x ROI: A Pizza Nova Use Case

Aislelabs has put together a new case study based on their client Pizza Nova who achieved impressive results. We are pleased to announce that we have released a new case study focusing on Pizza Nova. The Canadian pizza chain was …

New Ebook Released: Unify Customer Profiles with Customer Hub

Aislelabs is pleased to announce that we’ve just published a new Customer Hub ebook. The ebook explores why customer data fragmentation is a large marketing issue and how Customer Hub can help consolidate all that data.   The new ebook …

New Smart Coupon User Experience Case Study Released

Aislelabs is delighted to announce that we’ve just published a new Smart Coupon user experience case study. The case study explores how and why Smart Coupons are superior to other types of coupons. This new case study is available today and …

New Smart Reviews for Attractions E-book Released

Aislelabs is pleased to announce that we’ve just published a new Smart Review e-book. This guide covers how venues such as museums, casinos, hotels, galleries, stadiums, aquariums, or convention centres can benefit from smart reviews. Available today, we have this …

New Business Intelligence E-Books and Case Studies

Aislelabs is pleased to announce that we’ve just published four new business intelligence e-books. These two how-to guides and two case studies will cover everything from venues and conferences to large department stores to shopping centres. Available today, we have …

New WiFi Marketing White-Paper: Why Wi-Fi Matters for Shopping Centres of Tomorrow

Aislelabs has announced the release of their new WiFi marketing for shopping malls white-paper explaining how malls can reinvent themselves digitally. Aislelabs has just released a brand new white-paper entitled “Why Wi-Fi Matters for the Shopping Centres of Tomorrow.” The …

New WiFi Marketing How-To eBook for the Food and Beverage Industry Available Now

Supercharge Your Restaurant’s Marketing with Guest WiFi will show how restaurateurs can revolutionize their marketing in a postdigital age. We have announced the release of a new ebook targeted towards the food and beverage industry and it’s available now. Titled Supercharge Your Restaurant’s …


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