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How to Craft Marketing Messages for Millennial Men and Women

Smartphones and online stores have dramatically changed the retail shopping landscape but that doesn’t mean they’ve superseded the in-store experience. In fact, according to Payment Source, 82% of millennials prefer in store shopping rather than online. However, millennial men and …

Getting the Most Out of Custom Store Hours

Shopping habits of customers are affected by several factors such as seasonality and store types. Custom store hours are a great way to optimize sales by maximizing when more shoppers are in your store or restaurant, which is why the …

How Restaurants Can Power Their CRM This St. Patrick’s Day

Every year, millions of people around the world come together on March 17th to have a good pint of beer at restaurants and bars during St. Patrick’s day. The Irish holiday is so popular that in the United States alone, …

Why Your Brick and Mortar Business Needs Free Guest WiFi

WiFi access is becoming ubiquitous. Tablets, smartphones, and laptops are everywhere and most businesses see the demand for free wireless access to the internet. The issue, however, is understanding or even measuring the return of investment on having a free …

New Smart Reviews for Attractions E-book Released

Aislelabs is pleased to announce that we’ve just published a new Smart Review e-book. This guide covers how venues such as museums, casinos, hotels, galleries, stadiums, aquariums, or convention centres can benefit from smart reviews. Available today, we have this …

Creating Customer Experience: Part 3 — Automation & Measurement

This is the third and final part of our series on creating a personalized customer experience for your guests. In part one we covered the importance of personalization and collecting data on your customers. Part two introduced how to use …

Creating Customer Experience: Part 2 — Generating & Delivering Content

In part one of this three part series on customer experience, we covered the importance of personalization and collecting data on your customers to increase consumer satisfaction. The first touch-point of personalizing the customer experience for your guests were your …

Creating Customer Experience: Part 1 — Collecting Data

The customer experience is what differentiates offline retail from online e-commerce. Understanding your customers is incredibly important and shopper engagement is crucial in this era of online shopping. Retailers who successfully leverage what Amazon and other online retailers don’t have …

Increase Your Profit Margin by Optimizing Your Operating Hours — Part 2

Part two dives into how to increase your profit margin by using data to optimize your operating hours. In part one of how to increase your profit margin by optimizing your operating hours, we tackled what factors you should consider …

Increase Your Profit Margin by Optimizing Your Operating Hours — Part 1

One of the easiest ways to increase your profit margin is by optimizing your operating hours — but it might be trickier than you think. Setting the opening hours of a retail space or restaurant is crucial to the success …


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