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How to Build Restaurant Loyalty and Learn More About Your Customers

Most restaurants have limited information regarding who their customers are, where they live, their demographics, contact information, and interests. These are valuable pieces of information which are hard to collect in a non-intrusive way. Recent history with the COVID-19 pandemic …

How Offering Free Guest WiFi Can Bring in Revenue

Transform your guest WiFi from IT cost centre to an advanced marketing and intelligence platform that brings in revenue. The cost for deploying wireless infrastructure that offers free guest WiFi in large brick and mortars usually comes out of the …

Using WiFi to Measure Occupancy in Shopping Malls for Social Distancing

Technology for real-time occupancy at malls that ensures proper social distancing across an entire portfolio. The coronavirus outbreak has created a worldwide state of emergency, challenging shopping centres with identifying solutions to create a safe environment for staff and customers …

How to Utilize Aislelabs to Drive App Downloads

In-store apps are a fantastic way to engage with your customers. Many customers use smartphones and tablets while they are at a store to enhance their shopping experience or research products. The opportunity this affords retailers allows them to increase …

Attracting Customers to a Boutique Perfumery Grand Opening: New Success Story Released

Aislelabs is delighted to announce that we’ve just published a new success story of a boutique perfumery’s grand opening in a shopping centre. The use case explores how the shopping centre was able to drive footfall to the grand opening. …

New Shopping Centre Group Success Story on Growing a CRM From Thousands to Millions

We’re excited to announce our brand new success story on how a shopping centre group grew their CRM from two hundred-thousand to well over five million plus users! Not only did we grow their list by 2,600% but we did …

Aislelabs and Dallas Mavericks Premiere Use Case and Testimonial Video

We are pleased to announce a new use case and testimonial video we produced in partnership with NBA team Dallas Mavericks and the American Airlines Center! Our product suites have been deployed at American Airlines Center enabling the Dallas Mavericks …

How Buses, Motor Coaches, and Transportation Leverage WiFi for Marketing and Analytics

Many buses now feature onboard WiFi to better serve their passengers. While it provides guests with high-speed access to the internet, it also opens new horizons for bus services to market to their passengers. In order for bus, motor coach, …

How WiFi on Cruise Ships Optimize Efficiency, Increase Revenue, and Drive Marketing

Cruise ships have a unique business model with unique needs. As revenue is predominantly generated from the amenities aboard offered to guests for an extra fee, it is crucial to understand who they are and how they interact with the …

Aislelabs Releases New Tablez Case Study for the F&B Industry

Aislelabs has put together a brand new case study based on Middle East Food & Beverage Client Tablez. We are excited to release a brand new case study with our partner Tablez, the multi-brand retail arm belonging to the $7.4 …


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