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How Offering Free Guest WiFi Can Bring in Revenue

Transform your guest WiFi from IT cost centre to an advanced marketing and intelligence platform that brings in revenue. The cost for deploying wireless infrastructure that offers free guest WiFi in large brick and mortars usually comes out of the …

Aislelabs and Dallas Mavericks Premiere Use Case and Testimonial Video

We are pleased to announce a new use case and testimonial video we produced in partnership with NBA team Dallas Mavericks and the American Airlines Center! Our product suites have been deployed at American Airlines Center enabling the Dallas Mavericks …

Video: How Guest WiFi Captive Portals Work

Captive portals are commonly used to present a login page that requires a user action to authenticate. They are typically used at public venues, restaurants, malls, or any other space where a user is required to log into a free …

Aislelabs Flow for Location Analytics and Heatmap Video Breakdown

Location analytics is revolutionizing brick-and-mortar stores as well as any other physical space that features a large number of visitors — such as a shopping mall or a sporting arena. Aislelabs Flow provides an advanced business intelligence platform and can help you understand your visitor’s footfall patterns. …

Quick Video Introduction to Aislelabs Connect for Social WiFi

Bringing the power of social WiFi to real-world stores. Social WiFi marketing may sound confusing at first. To show how simple it is, we’ve whipped up a quick 30 second video that distills the key features of Aislelabs Connect into …

Aislelabs Connect for WiFi Marketing Video Breakdown

WiFi marketing and social WiFi are revolutionary platforms for brick-and-mortar stores as well as any physical space featuring a large amount of visitors, such as a hotel lobby or a sporting arena. Knowing who frequents your store or venue is crucial in getting them to return …

Video Overview: Supercharge WiFi Marketing for Shopping Malls and Shopping Centres

Aislelabs provides the world’s most advanced platform to provide WiFi marketing for shopping malls and shopping centres allowing them to learn who their customers are and tailor marketing material for their guests. Shopping malls and shopping centres are undergoing a revolutionary …


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