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Hashicorp Nomad: Workload Orchestration at Aislelabs

Aislelabs is an engineering driven company. We collect and process trillions of data points per year, providing a suite of products for analytics and marketing to enterprise customers. As part of our journey to a cloud-native architecture, the Aislelabs engineering …

Modernizing the Tech Stack for a B2B SaaS Product Running on Bare Metal

The Aislelabs journey to cloud-native architecture At Aislelabs, we have been diligently modernizing our tech stack as we transition to cloud-native technologies to run robust, scalable applications. We’ve learned a great deal about the process and invite the wider community …


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Aislelabs is the leading global provider of enterprise software for marketing automation, location analytics, predictive intelligence, and combining online and offline customer touchpoints. The company serves customers across verticals including retail, transportation, hospitality, venues, and F&B.

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