Combining Camera and WiFi Data for 360 Visitor Analytics for a Real-Estate Operator: New Success Story Released

Aislelabs is delighted to announce a new success story that documents how a real-estate operator leveraged our solutions to combine their camera and WiFi data to get a 360-degree view of visitor analytics for their sites. 

The new case study details how a European property development and investment company operating 10+ shopping centres leveraged Aislelabs Insights to combine their camera and WiFi data facilitating reporting and providing a 360-degree view of visitor behavioural intelligence. Aislelabs worked with the 500+ Meraki devices at the site to deliver location analytics and ingested data from over 100+ Camera to provide the consolidated visitor analytics.  

Aislelabs Insights is the first and only platform that unifies visitor behavioural analytics using multiple sensor types at brick-and-mortars. Aislelabs Insights allows you to combine data from multiple sources such as cameras, footfall counters, WiFi access points, beacons, and a multitude of other IoT sensors to reveal a complete 360-degree visitor view. The resulting consolidated visitor analytics of footfall and location intelligence is presented in a single dashboard by Aislelabs 

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