Mobile based occupancy counter to ensure social distancing for large retail spaces and venues

Mobile based occupancy counter to ensure social distancing for large retail spaces and venues

The COVID-19 outbreak has created a worldwide state of emergency, challenging businesses with finding effective solutions to create a safe environment for staff and customers. When businesses reopen, it will be with rigorous mandated government and health agency requirements for customer occupancy to promote social distancing. The Aislelabs platform provides two solutions using WiFi or mobile networks that enable businesses to maintain social distancing and are accurate and auditable methods that meet the highest standards.

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Aislelabs Occupancy Solutions

  • WiFi Occupancy Counter: Uses the already installed WiFi network at a location to automatically detect and count the number of smartphones within the premises delivering occupancy numbers to each security guard’s mobile device.
  • Smart Counter: Uses networked mobile devices for security guards to manually count customers entering or exiting automatically synchronizing current occupancy across all devices.
  • Contact Tracing & Exposure Notification: Uses a large campus workplace’s installed WiFi network to provide employee opt-ins for contact tracing and exposure notification.

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Elegant solutions for customer occupancy

Elegant solutions for customer occupancy

  • Ready to go in minutes

    Quick setup with no new hardware.

  • Real-time metrics

    Live up to the minute data presented on cloud based online dashboards.

  • User friendly

    Easy to use for security personnel on site as well as management.

A command centre to safely reopen your business

The Aislelabs platform helps businesses create safe conditions through data driven social distancing, maintaining occupancy thresholds, conducting sanitization operations, and communicating with stakeholders. Transform your business into a smart building that monitors real time occupancy, measures visitor density with heatmaps, manages automatic signalling through connected devices and communications through a centralized command centre.

Intelligently adapt your COVID-19 operations

Real-time occupancy control

Real time occupancy control

Monitor and control the occupancy of your establishment through a centralized dashboard and connected devices

Contact tracing

Contact tracing

Centralized means of communicating with customers in case of an incidence of the virus with powerful access controls

Regulatory audit

Regulatory audit

Easily accessible database through APIs and protected by powerful Role-Based Access Controls (RBAC)


Sanitization operations

Granular visualizations such as heatmaps, customer paths and dwell time can inform your sanitization operations



Communicate with your staff and customers through email, SMS and notifications in a centralized command centre



Centralized dashboards that are easily accessible by mobile phones with real time updates on occupancy, congestion and alerts


WiFi based occupancy counter

Aislelabs uses your existing WiFi infrastructure to anonymously triangulate mobile device position in a physical space without requiring shoppers to sign into the WiFi or download an app. This automatically provides accurate counts of current shoppers in real time at each location and across an entire portfolio through a centralized dashboard.

WiFi based occupancy counter


  • Real time occupancy control

    Provide security guards at key entrances with up to the minute information regarding the current occupancy levels through a mobile phone portal without the need count manually.

  • Threshold and occupancy alerts

    Automatically trigger emails and alert messages via SMS and email to management when occupancy levels climb past a customizable threshold allowing management to redeploy extra security to entrances.

  • Occupancy status for the public via web and apps

    Leveraging APIs, notifications can be delivered to websites or mobile apps to inform customers when the occupancy at each location is low, moderate or high.

Smart Counter

Aislelabs provides a non-WiFi based solution that is entirely cloud based. Through the use of mobile devices, security guards at entrances can count how many customers are let in and walk out to a synchronized central dashboard. This keeps all stationed security guards up to date with the current occupancy count inside a space.

Smart Counter


  • A smart counter for security personnel

    Security personnel stationed at entrances are able to update a single unified occupancy database with a single click of a plus or minus button. The current occupancy tally is visible and synchronized through an intuitive web interface on their phones.

  • Accountability assured through a centralized dashboard

    A centralized dashboard is available to management and executives to keep track of real time occupancy numbers at every location ensuring proper protocols are being implemented and followed.

  • Completely auditable for management and regulatory bodies

    Aislelabs also tracks and timestamps the mobile click for each customer entrance and exit to ensure the entire system is auditable by regulatory organizations and management alike.

Contact tracing & exposure notification for workplaces

Aislelabs has developed an innovative solution that assists employers to establish contact tracing easily at scale in a corporate campus workplace. The solution is built with privacy in mind and empowers organizations and individuals with appropriate opt-in mechanisms.

Contact tracing


  • Opt-ins and privacy

    Using a splash page login to the WiFi, employees can decide whether to opt-in to contact tracing and exposure notifications throughout the campus. All data is kept strictly confidential through high-grade sophisticated security and encryption. No mobile applications are required for download eliminating barriers to adoption.

  • Contact tracing

    The Aislelabs solution uses WiFi access points to triangulate mobile device positions in a physical space. Once an opted-in employee has marked themselves as infected, it automatically identifies all their employee interactions across various corporate spaces in the recent past. Areas are also highlighted to ensure special sanitation procedures can be implemented.

  • Exposure notifications

    The Aislelabs solution can be utilized as an end-to-end exposure notification solution. If one employee is infected, the solution automatically notifies other employees that have been in close proximity with the infected for a certain duration, as well as designated stakeholders.