How Shopping Centers like 360 Mall Increased Organic Acquisitions by 146%

What's Inside:

  • How to gather online and offline customer data via web signups, guest WiFi, mobile apps, promotional events, and kiosks.
  • How to identify repeat customers and progressively enhance their profile by adding attributes recording the interactions.
  • How to predict behavior of like-minded customers, micro-segment the data, and craft precise messaging.


Shopping Malls, Mixed Use Retail, Multi-Location Retail

360 Mall

Especially Curious?

360 Mall is a unique retail, leisure, sports, and luxury entertainment destination that aims to provide the best customer experience in Kuwait. It is the region’s first mixed-use destination owned and managed by the billion-dollar Tamdeen Group.

Aislelabs’ advanced analytics empowers 360 Mall to recognize most loyal customers across channels and attribute ROI data back to individual marketing campaigns and teams.