January 2022 Product Updates

Happy New Year! We’d like to start the year off right with a host of new features that we think you would love. Here’s what’s been keeping us busy this month:  

 Aislelabs Flow Enhances AI-Driven OPs 

Hardware networking components are always changing at large physical sites, with devices such as access points being replaced or moved around to different parts of the site. This is a headache for the IT team of our customers, especially when they are tasked with managing hundreds to thousands of access points. Our enhanced AI Ops allows you to leverage our floor mapper page and manage all your access points in an effective manner saving you time and energy.   

Run Text-To-Win SMS Campaigns 

Using our integration with Plivo, you can now run Text-To-Win SMS Campaigns that also allows your customers to respond to your campaign. Aislelabs also provides an SMS log page to view all SMSs received from your customers along with its contents. The log page allows you to view SMSs received based on a date and time range and can be further filtered using the customer’s phone number. 

Aislelabs Now Supports Domain Whitelisting for Azure AD Based Logins 

When adding the “Login with Azure AD” button within the Portal Editor, you can now add the whitelisted domains that users will have to use to log into the network. When users log in using Azure AD, an initial authentication will take place by Microsoft post which Aislelabs will perform a secondary authentication to verify if the domain used is whitelisted. Using this feature, you can restrict the network to users of specific domain names. 


Enhanced the RouteMobile Integration to Support the New Regulations  

As part of new regulations in the UAE, our SMS provider (RouteMobile) requires senders to maintain separate channels for promotional and transactional traffic. In accordance with these new regulations, Aislelabs’ integration with RouteMobile has been updated and will enable our customers to add individual channel details and associate them with each organization. Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager to learn more about this. 

 Other Enhancements 

  • Introduced an intermediate page in the Top Paths Report when multiple sites are selected 
  • Added the ability to hover and view complete links clicked by customers in the Email Analytics page  
  • Improved the performance of the View Schema page within Customer Hub 

 Bug Fixes  

  • Fixed an issue that prevented heatmaps from being rendered correctly within the Exhibition Report 
  • Fixed an issued which dropped the SWID from the URL when switching pages within Customer Hub 
  • Fixed an issue that caused all logged out users to be redirected to the Aislelabs Dashboard when they login again 

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