March 2022 Product Updates

As Spring slowly settles in, the Aislelabs team is hard at work to bring you the best features. We are passionate about what we do and are constantly building features that add value to our customers. Over the past month, we have added several new features and enhancements to the platform. 


Analyse the Performance of your Splash Pages 

You can now track the number of views that your portal’s success page has received. This allows you make changes to your splash pages with metrics available to validate your design. You can further filter the analytics by portal version to understand which iteration received maximum number of views and use this information to make design decisions within your portal.

Enhanced the Sensor Terminologies 

We have added more context on access points within the Public Sensor page. The page now displays the sensor status, which can either be Up or Down along with the sensor usage, which can either be In Use or Not In Use. IT teams typically update access points, replace them in case of failures, and conduct WiFi hardware refreshes all the time, this feature allows them to mark access points as In Use or Not In Use, to get consistent reliable business analytics from Aislelabs.

Sensor Status:

  • Up: Aislelabs is receiving data from the access point.
  • Down: Aislelabs is not receiving data from the access point, this may be due to any access point or network related issue.

Sensor Usage:

  • In Use: Aislelabs has been configured to receive data from the access point.
  • Not In Use: Aislelabs has been configured to not receive data from the access point.

Improved the Flexibility of Custom Filters 

You can now create time specific custom filters allowing you to create views to understand your visitor trends based on different times of the day. There are no limits on the number of custom filters that can be created allowing you to create multiple filters and compare the metrics across different views. Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager to learn more about setting up custom filters.  

New Success Story: How a Mall Operator Leveraged Aislelabs Solutions to Limit COVID-19 Disruption 

Our new success story details how a mall operator leveraged Aislelabs to provide a centralized command center to address the challenges with covid-19 across their properties. The resulting solution involved Aislelabs being deployed across 10+ malls with 1000+ access points, and access being provided to 300 users to ensure that the mall operated with data-driven social distancing measures. Download the success store to learn more.

Other Enhancements 

  • Improved the Sensor Status page to now display the signal strength breakdown of spaces within a site
  • Performance of the Repeat Visitor metrics calculation within the Campaign Results page has been improved
  • Enhanced the Occupancy alerts to provide more context for our customers

Bug Fixes  

  • Fixed an issue which did not allow the authentication type value to be changed within the Portal Editor
  • Fixed an issue that caused inconsistent formatting on certain pages when there is no data
  • Fixed an issue that caused the loading of the Email Campaign Analytics page to throw an error

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