November 2021 Product Updates

As we approach the end of the year, we are thankful for our customers, who inspire and motivate us everyday. In that spirit, this month’s updates are focused around enabling our customer workflows with flexibility and new partnerships. 

Set Active Hours for On-Going SMS Campaigns

You can now set time-specific conditions based on which on-going SMS campaigns will be active. When this condition is set up, users will be added to the SMS queue only if they connect to the site’s network within the specified time period. This allows you to build more customised user journeys and reach out to your customers in meaningful ways.

Search for Versions of your Captive Portal

For businesses that maintain several versions of captive portals, we introduced the ability to name versions. With the new update, you can also quickly search for previous versions through the search bar which provides more flexibility in managing versions and switching between them.

Arista CloudVision Integration for Aislelabs Solutions

To add to the growing list of hardware supported by Aislelabs, we now have a direct integration with Arista CloudVision for both our Flow and Connect products. Businesses using Arista CloudVision can now rely on Aislelabs to gain location analytics and actionable insights into who their customers are. Gain customer intelligence including their age, gender, location and interests, while providing them with one-click access to free WiFi via Facebook, Twitter, email and other popular social sites. 


Trumpia Integration for Aislelabs Solutions

We have integrated with Trumpia providing more flexibility for our customers. With the new integration, you can send user data collected using Aislelabs to Trumpia in a secure manner. If you would like to integrate with your existing Trumpia account, please reach out to your customer success manager.

Other Enhancements

  • When linking sites to a master template using the Portal Editor, if any of the linked sites’ controller settings does not match the master template’s controller, a warning popup will be displayed asking the user to confirm the link. This is to prevent issues with authentication for portal configurations displayed on wrong controller types.
  • Username and password pairs are required to be unique when creating identities for a SWID.
  • SMS one-time-passwords provided by Aislelabs has been updated from a 4 digit code to a 6 digit code
  • Creating a new Event Report now requires a site to be selected

Bug Fixes 

  • The Site Metrics by Time and Day dropdown selector previously did not render the right metrics when toggled, this has been fixed.
  • Instagram login within the captive portal has been fixed. Users can authenticate themselves via Instagram again.
  • Loading an event report without an ID previously caused rendering issues. This has been fixed, these users will now be redirected to the Event Report listing page.
  • Within the Users page, downloading a CSV with many SWIDs loaded caused issues, this has been fixed.

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