How Venues Can Optimize Fan Experience Through Personalization

The Aislelabs platform can be leveraged across multiple industries to visualize customer behaviour and engage with them. Venues and stadiums can use the platform to go beyond traditional means of fan engagement through personalization. 

Stadiums require massive investments in infrastructure and amenities but suffer from blind spots when trying to understand how customers move and flow within a space. Management tussles with important questions such as:

  • What are the factors that are affecting fan visits?
  • How many new and returning fans are visiting?
  • What areas in the venue see the most amount of footfall and dwell time?
  • Did marketing campaigns and promotions affect footfall? 
  • What do fans think of the amenities in the stadium?
  • Where are fans coming from?

The core tenets of fan experience of having a clean space, enjoyable games, and a good view remain relevant, but these factors are the bare minimum expected. In an increasingly digitized world, modern sports fandom has gone beyond the confines of the stadium, building brand equity and salience requires digital transformation and a deep understanding of the customer. Venues and stadiums have to differentiate themselves through superior fan experience characterized by personalization.

McKinsey describes a framework, visualized below, in setting up personalization initiatives that could be adapted to serve as a useful bedrock to analyze how stadiums and venues can pursue similar goals. 

This blog post details how the Aislelabs platform can serve as the central command centre for all personalization initiatives due to its capabilities in unifying offline customer behaviour and online digital interactions

Data Management

This step entails building a multi-dimensional view of the customer to serve as the backbone for all personalization initiatives. Venues have to capture both the offline and online experience of the fans, going beyond surface-level metrics such as no. of tickets sold, merchandising sales, NPS among others. 


The Flow and Insights platform can be used to visualize customer movement patterns within any physical space. By unifying all people counting infrastructure, the platform provides the most granular and accurate analytics of customer behaviour. 

  • WiFi sensors – visualise customer paths and dwell times in areas and uncover trends such as cross visits, dwell time, repeat visitors, and more
  • People counting infrastructure – unify data from barcode scanners, metal detectors, and smart cameras in one unified platform to increase the granularity of insight

Uncover opportunities through insight in: 

  • What are the trends in fan visits? Weekends vs weekdays, teams vs events 
  • Amount of time fans spend in different zones of the stadium e.g. lines, concession stands, merchandising stores. 
  • Real-time analysis of fan footfall


The Connect and Customer Hub platform can be leveraged to capture and unify all online touchpoints that the customer interacts with.  

  • Customer data: Capture customer first-party data through all the touchpoints available such as WiFi, social, email, phone number 
  • Integrations: Supercharge your existing data such as loyalty program, apps, website, POS, CRM and unify it with the first-party 
  • Marketing analytics: Identify the success of your marketing campaigns in a single customer view. 

Uncover opportunities through insight in: 

  • How many fans have we captured in the CRM?
  • What are the interests of the fans? 
  • How often do fans interact with our marketing promotions? 

Customer Segmentation and Analytics

Accurate customer segmentation of the fans arriving at the stadium must drive all personalization and customer experience initiatives. 


The Flow and Insights platforms can be used to segment customers on non-digital elements in the customer journey. 

  • Event: Stadiums can be mixed-use venues that host different formats of events such as game day, conventions, events, the Aislelabs platform can be used to segment these crowds based on the needs of the venue. 
  • Weather: All footfall to the stadium can be correlated with the weather to analyze customer footfall and uncover relationships between them. 
  • Paths: Identify the top paths taken by the customers and uncover correlations between different spaces within the stadium. 

Uncover opportunities through insight in: 

  • Which sports teams brought more fans to the stadium? 
  • Which event attracted the most number of attendees? 
  • How many fans are new and how many are returning?
  • Do returning fans stay in the venue longer?
  • Did the customers who visit the merch store visit the food court? 


Capture the digital elements of the customer journey with Customer Hub and Connect, uniquely designed to capture the omnichannel customer experience. 

  • Ecommerce websites: Analyze the behaviour of customers on the e-commerce stores and build segments that combine with physical visits to the stadium. 
  • CLV: Analyze the value of a customer to the brand, quantify customer loyalty, and strategize promotions based on the seasons and loyalty. 
  • Demographics and psychographics: Capturing customer demographics and psychographics is easily done by enabling social logins for accessing WiFi. 

Uncover opportunities through insight in: 

  • Which fan segment is the most valuable to the brand? 
  • Which team drives the most online engagement? 
  • Are certain team fans more likely to visit other games? 


The analytics and insights team can use the intelligence gathered by the Aislelabs platform to devise a set of cross-functional campaigns and playbooks. 


Using real-time and historical location analytics, the stadium can use the wealth of data to set out security, cleaning, and usher operations. 

  • Tenanting: Analyze the ROI of tenant brands and use data-driven leasing strategies for future leasing and tenanting opportunities. 
  • Operations: Optimize operations based on the attendance and fan behaviour in past games and optimized in real-time. 
  • Digital Out of Home Advertising: Accurately measure the ROI on advertising on screens and even measure how the fan behaviour is affected because of it. 
  • Transport layer: Optimize parking and transport infrastructure by tracking customers from the point of time that they enter, even before they enter the stadium. 

Uncover opportunities through insight in: 

  • Would moving the food court to a different area affect footfall?
  • Did the digital signage on discounts in the merchandising store have conversions? 
  • Do we need more security for fans of a particular team? 
  • Do ushers decrease the waiting time for fans? 


The Customer Hub and Connect platforms unify both online and offline behaviour, providing a solid foundation for all marketing, personalization and partnership initiatives. 

  • Partnerships: The advanced segmentation and analytics can be used quantitatively for all brand partnerships. 
  • Customer loyalty: Reward your loyal customers with promotions targeted around their preferences and template their experience to scale across the fan base. 
  • Lapsed fans: Re-engaging with lapsed fans can be an important way of keeping the faith as the team of choice. 

Uncover opportunities through insight in: 

  • What brand partnership has the potential for the biggest impact? 
  • What are the most important characteristics of a loyal fan? 
  • What are the most important factors in re-engaging with lapsed fans? 

Decisioning Engine

The Aislelabs location analytics and marketing automation platform is the most comprehensive end-to-end platform to capture the entire customer journey by: 

  • Visualizing fan behaviour 
  • Capturing fan first-party data 
  • Engaging with them through marketing automation

 The unified platform replaces multiple, disparate solutions that may cause tech debt, data silos, and data inconsistencies.

Cross-functional Teams

Personalization can only be driven through collaboration in multiple teams, working together seamlessly. The unified Aislelabs platform accommodates all teams that may need to gather insight, as well as providing advanced reporting for power users. Across the multiple verticals that Aislelabs services, here are some of the teams that use the platform regularly: 

  1. Marketing 
  2. Customer intelligence
  3. CRM 
  4. Operations 
  5. Security 
  6. Tenanting 
  7. Leasing 

Technology Enablement

A core value proposition at Aislelabs is to enable insights immediately, therefore, Aislelabs can be deployed on all existing WiFi and people counting infrastructure and integrate with all existing vendors. This ensures that Aislelabs seamlessly integrates with existing workflows and doesn’t require lengthy IT deployments. 

Test and Learn 

The Aislelabs platform supports sophisticated experiments, any optimization and experiments can be analyzed in real-time and against historical data. Benchmark events and compare them against future performance, leading to utility to marketing, operations, leasing departments among others. 

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