Real-Time Occupancy Counter for Retail Environments and Attractions

Aislelabs Smart Occupancy provides solution to capacity restrictions ensuring physical distancing

Toronto-based enterprise platform for airports, malls, retail, and restaurants, Aislelabs launches its latest product development specifically created to help shopping centres manage capacity during the COVID-19 pandemic. Aislelabs has developed a technology for detecting and monitoring occupancy levels in high-traffic environments, such as shopping centres or attractions such as museums and galleries, called Aislelabs Smart Occupancy. The technology calculates the real-time number of patrons in a space at a given time, providing key insights to manage safe shopping.

Many shopping centres have already implemented the technology in their spaces. Using the API, they can provide real-time, in-mall traffic to their customers via websites and mobile apps.

As the retail sector continues to navigate strict capacity regulations, ensuring patron safety through physical distancing is a key priority. The innovative Aislelabs system detects customer density, allowing retailers to plan for and monitor capacity levels to ensure physical distancing measures can be maintained. The technology includes settings that allow triggers to alert stakeholders when occupancy crosses a certain threshold. Occupancy levels are visible in real time through a centralized, cloud-based dashboard and can be scaled up to as many locations as a business has in their portfolio.

The technology created by Aislelabs offers patrons the ability to plan shopping trips around predicted and real-time traffic density. Aislelabs Smart Occupancy technology can be shared with patrons online to help moderate peak shopping times, giving visitors the ability to observe whether the shopping centre has reached its maximum allowable capacity. Patrons will be able to view real-time occupancy in colour-coded visuals before departing for their trip.

Upper Canada Mall has implemented Aislelabs Smart Occupancy technology to monitor traffic levels in its retail centre. Watch a video of the technology in action here.

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