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Smart Reviews for Attractions

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FREE case study :

Smart Reviews for Attractions


Visitors are highly influenced by both positive and negative online reviews left by other guest. Aislelabs Smart Reviews helps maximize public online reviews, provides important customer critiques to improve business, and minimizes the chances for public negative reviews. It works for all types of venues and attractions such as aquariums, museums, casinos, galleries, hotels, convention centres, stadiums, and any other space visited by a large number of guests.

What you’ll get from this case study

  • Learn why online reviews are so crucial for enticing new visitors
  • How Smart Reviews work to prescreen positive and negative reviews
  • Create a positive feedback loop that organically creates even more reviews

Table of contents

  • The Power of Online Reviews
  • Leverage Your Guest WiFi for Smart Reviews
  • Aislelabs Connect: How it works
  • Types of Attractions
  • Attractions Use Case
  • Going Beyond Reviews