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Supercharge Your Hotel’s Marketing with Guest WiFi

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FREE e-book :

Supercharge Your Hotel’s Marketing with Guest WiFi


For hotels to thrive amid the Airbnb disruptive environment, they need to evolve into a more revolutionary type of establishment. Providing a place to stay is no longer enough for hotels, you need to be a place that provides an experience. You must convince visitors to be loyal to your brand and attract new guests that know you can give them what renting a house or apartment cannot. Highlighting and communicating these unique selling points across all channels is of paramount importance for hotels to succeed in this new age.

Hotel Marketing with Guest WiFI

What You’ll Get from This E-book

  • 21 Pages, Full of Latest Digital Tips and Tools
  • Get Better at Social Marketing, Facebook, Instagram & Google Ads
  • Get More Repeat Guests and Promote Your Hotel

Table of Contents

  • How Guest WiFi Works
  • Know Who Your Customers Are
  • Visitor Surveys
  • Turn Visitors Into Guests
  • Reach Your Customers with Social Marketing
  • Encouraging Online Reviews
  • Understanding Guest and Asset Paths
  • Upsell Your Conference Space
  • Optimizing Retail and Restaurants
  • Promoting Events