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Unify Customer Profiles with Customer Hub

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FREE e-book :

Unify Customer Profiles with Customer Hub


Customer data fragmentation is an enormous issue for enterprise organizations. When customers sign up via different portals (such as a website at home or signing in through a guest WiFi at a venue) a business is populating separate databases with different information on the same person. With such partial customer knowledge across multiple databases, it is impossible to assemble a true view of clientele.

Customer Hub collects data from multiple sources and touch points, merging them into one central information repository. Gather contact information at the checkout or via in-store activations, and use one-click guest WiFi sign-in as the largest generator of contact and profile information. It also provides identity access management allowing users to sign into their account and change their information to personalize their experience.

What You’ll Get from This E-book

  • Why consolidating customer information is essential
  • How Customer Hub saves time and money for marketing teams
  • Different ways businesses can collect information on their customers
  • How Customer Hub allows customers to easily manage their profiles

Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • Why is this important?
  • How Customer Hub works
  • Collect data from multiple touchpoints
  • Provide easy customer access and build more complete profiles
  • Execute multi-channel digital marketing campaign
  • About Aislelabs