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WiFi Marketing ROI Case Study

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FREE case study :

WiFi Marketing ROI Case Study


A restaurant chain with 13 locations wanted to massively overhaul their CRM. They wanted to focus on collecting, engaging, and marketing to their customers in an effort to incentivize repeat visitors and reduce “at risk” customers who had not returned to the restaurant chain. Beginning with 1,128 unique customers, the restaurant chain went to collect and market to over 21,000 unique customers in their CRM in just seven months.

What You’ll Get from This Case Study

  • How a restaurant chain grew their CRM in just 7 months
  • The results they received from running 6 marketing campaigns over that time period
  • How they used digital marketing to entice “at risk” customers to return

Table of Contents

  • Summary
  • How Aislelabs Connect Works
  • The CRM/Customer Acquisition
  • Value of Customer Engagement
  • Email Campaigns: Overview
  • Success Stories
  • Aislelabs Connect Features