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End-to-End Location Platform for Enterprises

Aislelabs Flow

Central insights dashboard for understanding customer behavior across stores.

Aislelabs Social Wifi

Monetization platform for guest Wi-Fi via social authentication and digital marketing.

Aislelabs Engage

Cloud infrastructure to deliver personalized hyper-local mobile marketing experiences.

Aislelabs Pass

Enterprise mobile wallet marketing platform with iBeacon indoor targeting.

Aislelabs Navigate

Acurate indoor positioning system based on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.




Utilize your existing Wi-Fi infrastructure for marketing and analytics.


Deploy and manage Bluetooth LE beacons for hyper-local engagement.


All products work with both Android and iOS platforms.
Aislelabs Flown/aWeb dashboard with analytics on all visitors, including visitors who don't connect to Wi-Fi. Also integrates with internal systems, including CRM and PoS.
Aislelabs Engagen/aDrag-and-drop SDK for your mobile app. Cloud infrastructure to deliver location-based marketing.
Aislelabs Social Wifin/aWeb dashboard for demographics and analytics. Omni-channel marketing campaigns including SMS and email.
Aislelabs Passn/aiBeacon based marketing using Passbook and Wallet. No need for user to download any app.
Aislelabs NavigateMobile APIs to provide indoor positioning in your app.

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