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Aislelabs WiFi Marketing

Aislelabs for Hotels

WiFi-Powered Solutions for Hotel Marketing and Operations

WiFi-Powered Solutions for Hotel Marketing and Operations

Deanonymize visitors. Turn WiFi into a premium offering. Understand how spaces are used.

Trusted by Hotels, Large and Small

For Marketing

Helping Hotels Market Better

Significantly expand your email marketing list, while reducing email acquisition costs.
Directly monetize WiFi for a new revenue channel.





Repeat Purchase

Turn Free WiFi into a Marketing Engine
Use Hotel CAPTURE to increase email marketing list size 10x at 1/5th the cost compared to other channels, acquire rich segmentation attributes unavailable anywhere else and launch a new retail media channel.
wifi capture marketing
wifi loyalty program
Loyalty Program WiFi
Connect Your Loyalty Program to Free WiFi
Greatly increase your loyalty program size by connecting it to premium WiFi access while increasing its value by making faster internet, for longer, a benefit of joining your loyalty program.
Direct WiFi Monetization
Charge for Faster, Better WiFi
Don’t want to use your loyalty program to justify premium WiFi features? No problem – charge money for it, instead.
Pricing for Hotels

A Captive Portal Built for Hotels

Best-in-class features for hotels enabling multiple-languages, rich contact attributes, retail media revenue and more

Significant growth to email marketing database

Loyalty Program-connected premium WiFi experience, offering faster internet for longer

Premium WiFi Features

Premium WiFi direct purchase

Loyalty Program API Integration

Customer Support

Dedicated Customer
Success Manager


Ideal for Hotels without
Loyalty Programs


Ideal for Hotels
w/ Loyalty Programs

Heard of WiFi Marketing for Hotels?

Heard of WiFi Marketing for hotels? It’s a tactic used by hotels that want to turn their significant free WiFi expense from a cost center to a profit center. At the point of WiFi access, there are additional features and steps to deanonymize users, build critical contact and persona information, as well as monetize their WiFi either through direct purchase or a loyalty program-based upgrade.

Is your hotel ready to turn your free WiFi offering into a critical, high ROI marketing channel?

Ready to see Aislelabs's platform for Hotels?

For Operations

Helping Improve Operations

Critical spacial metrics from WiFi hardware you already have.
Dwell time and traffic analytics for event spaces, restaurant spaces and more.

Critical Usage Metrics
Dwell Times and Traffic Counts for the Spaces That Matter
Dwell times and traffic counts are critical insights for hotel leadership. Identify these critical metrics using the WiFi you already have today.
dwell time and footfall count metrics
retail event marketer metrics insights
Event Performance Insights
Understand Event Attendance Instantly
Hotels are no longer just for sleeping – they’re also for experience. For event leaders, use Aislelabs to understand visit count and dwell time metrics for any unticketed event.
Cross Visit Intelligence
Understand Visitor Trends Across Stores and Spaces
How did the new renovation impact traffic and hotel usage? Answer those, and other questions, using data from Aislelabs.
cross visits insights for retail
Pricing for Hotels

Spaces Included

Event Space (or other)

Retail Space  (or other)

All Other Spaces

Key Features

Dwell Times

Visit Counts

Path Analysis

Cross-Visit Intelligence

API Integration


Customer Support

Dedicated Customer
Success Manager


Ideal for Hotels Wanting Insights for 1-2 Spaces


Ideal for Hotels Wanting Insights for the Entire Hotel


Ideal for Multi-Location

With the Software Integrations Hotels need

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