Smart Stores

We are on a mission to transform all brick and mortar locations into smart stores. Our technology seamlessly integrates with your stores enabling them to deliver a rich and personalized experience to the visitor.

Active Spaces

Traditionally, physical stores are passive in nature. A smart store, in contrast, senses visitor presence and responds intelligently. The smart store is equipped with continuous real-time sensing capability to understand traffic patterns, dwell times, and visitor preferences in a non-intrusive and trustworthy manner. Several actions, from a live change in ambient details to the display of customized messages, can take place as a response to the sensed visitor behavior.

Engaging Experiences

Smart stores offer unique experiences by rewarding loyal customers and enticing first time visitors. For example, customer walking in the proximity of a smart store can receive a real-time notification tailored to their preferences with store information and specials. Smart stores touch shoppers across all channels, be it email or mobile, to deliver friendly and memorable experiences.

Context Aware

Physical real estate is expensive. Smart stores make the best out of it by transforming every square foot of available real estate into an effective marketing medium. By being context aware, the store "knows" visitors inside, excess merchandise, top purchased products online or offline, staffing schedules, and outside weather. This knowledge is then used to provide assistance, pull appropriate product information, and display navigation information, all with the touch of a button.


All customer interactions in a smart store are personal and tailored to the individual. A smart store, with permission, understands who you are and offers items and suggestions tailored to your interests and past behavior. Any promotion, offer or assistance provided is especially designed for you aiming to achieve your satisfaction and deliver a unique shopping experience.

Holistic View

Consumers today have multiple ways to complete a purchase; they can conduct online research and complete the purchase in the store or vice versa. A smart store understands your customers in a holistic manner and guides shoppers through the shopping journey. Smart stores seamlessly connect your online and offline (physical store) properties offering a unified shopping experience.


What You Get

Central Control Center

For Retailers
  • Create & manage marketing content
  • Set & track campaign objectives
  • Visualize conversion funnel & key metrics

In-store Experience

For your Customers
  • Enhanced in-store experience
  • Marketing tailored to you
  • Personalized assistance
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Boost sales with personalized
messages sent in real time.


Understand your customers and
visitors with data-driven insights.


Cut costs by optimizing
staffing and space layouts.

How it Works

Ready to go in minutes

Use your existing wireless infrastructure from any vendor including Cisco, Aruba, Motorola and many more. Deploy iBeacons in your premises.

Big Data Analytics

Advanced algorithms to uncover deep insights. Deliver precision marketing via our cloud platform.

Understand every segment of your customer

Easy to use interface for creating automated multi-step engagement campaigns

Deliver amazing customer experience

Auto personalize all in-store interactions to make them more meaningful and friendly.

Intelligent Cloud Automated personalization by collecting and processing millions of data points
Mobile SDK Just drag and drop our Android or iOS SDK in your app to make it smarter.
Email Marketing Put numbers behind your email campaigns to make them data driven.
Easy-to-Use Templates Create beautiful marketing content in minutes using a powerful template engine.
iBeacon + WiFi Reliable technology built on Bluetooth Low Energy and WiFi to work indoors.
POS & CRM Data Integrate sales, inventory, and CRM data, for our advanced algorithms to deliver the best in-store experience.
Campaign Management Create and manage campaigns across regions, with real-time reporting.
Geofencing Get hyper-local by creating precise locations both indoors and outdoors.
Objective Driven Simply state your business objectives and our algorithms will take care of the rest.
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