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Automated real-time campaigns for personalized
engagement using iBeacons, push notifications
and mobile SDK.

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Get everything you need to analyse, manage, and create campaigns - all in one place.

Marketing Automation

Let the science of big data drive your in-store marketing campaigns. Identify high-value customers, while taking into account millions of data points to engage in an effective and targeted manner. Segment and score your customers based on context, location and behaviour. Execute fully automated multi-step engagement campaigns to nurture long-term customer relationships.

Detailed Shopper Understanding

Know your customers with a holistic view of their activities both online and in offline physical stores. Cross reference behavior profiles across visits and corporate CRM systems.

Central Command Post

Track store performance, coordinate in-store marketing activities and obtain campaign performance reports within a single dashboard. Get notified of issues and perform corrective actions in real-time. Manage everything with ease and speed, without sacrificing the enterprise-level power, to generate more revenue with minimal manual effort.

Omni-channel Engagement

Whether online or in-store, engage your customers across all touch-points in a unified and consistent manner. Deliver personalized marketing across all web, email, mobile, and physical in-store experiences. Serve highly relevant conversations, at scale, across multiple channels, rather than broadcasting generic messages to everyone.

Visibility Across Stores

Monitor and benchmark store performance across all stores nationally. Integrate data from POS terminals, labor management systems, planograms, and other internal data sources to obtain a unified view across your business.

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In-store analytics to help you understand the
behavior of your customers. Best of all, it's
free to get started!

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A marketing automation platform for the real
world with effective personalized
targeting for your retail stores.

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