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Enterprise platform for airports, malls, retail, restaurants, and venues

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Customer data platform (CDP) for brick and mortars

Unify online and offline customer touchpoints with the power of AI and machine learning

Customer data platform (CDP) for brick and mortars
  • Supercharge your CDP with WiFi

    Leverage social WiFi as a first-party data source and grow your lists ten-fold. Easily convert casual in-store visitors to engaged subscribers with intuitive marketing opt-ins.

    See Aislelabs Connect

  • Get complete 360 customer views

    Collect data from any number of touchpoints and consolidate them in a unified central CDP. Understand every customer interaction whether an action was made online or offline.

    See Aislelabs Customer Hub

  • Run engaging marketing campaigns

    Market to your audience with advanced, data-driven campaign features. Fine-tune campaigns with deep learning to deliver hyper-targeted messages and obtain measurable ROI and walk-through rate results.

    See Aislelabs Campaign

Behavioural analytics for enterprises

Unparalleled visitor footfall and location insights

Behavioural analytics for enterprises
Aislelabs Flow
  • Location analytics and heatmaps

    Optimize physical spaces with deep learning intelligence of visitor flow. Analyze millions of data points collected through WiFi to understand visit patterns, dwell times, walking paths, and loyalty index.

  • Multi-sensor: WiFi + cameras + counters

    Get meticulous and comprehensive intelligence using all available sensors in a single advanced dashboard. Understand every aspect of the visitor journey by deploying cutting-edge AI and unify data from WiFi, cameras, and people-counters.

    See Aislelabs Insights

Global infrastructure built to scale

With predictive power based on artificial intelligence and a deep learning engine

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