Transportation and Airports

Centralized Dashboard

Centralized Dashboard

Unified online console to view passenger experience metrics, asset tracking, flight delay information, and sales revenue. Predictive analytics provides alerts for upcoming potential operational disruptions or heavy delays in near future. View historical trends and future predictive trends.

Social WiFi

Retail Analytics

Platform to understand and influence retail sales as impacted by wait times, delays and passenger experience. Measure lost or gained revenue from operational processes, weather-related delays, holiday traffic, and other events to design optimal strategies.

iBeacon Marketing

iBeacon Marketing

Indoor location based mobile marketing and customer service. Deploy an airport beacon infrastructure to provide a personalized passenger communication directly or via airline partners. Create an additional revenue source by monetizing the digital real-estate.

Indoor Navigation

Indoor Navigation

Accurate indoor positioning and mapping for mobile apps, kiosks and web properties. Blue-dot experience with navigation paths within the entire airport. Online content management system to easily update maps and markers.

Create Engaging Passenger Experiences

Delight Passengers

Easily provide indoor way finding to airport visitors. Pin-point delays and inform them with accurate wait times.

Increase Sales

Optimize dwell times and maximize customer spend at the airport. A/B test processes to increase retail sales.

Market Intelligently

Plan and execute location based marketing. Monetize your real-estate by attracting sponsorships and targeting customers in a personalized way.

Understand Passenger Journey

Get visibility in curb-to-gate journey of each passenger. View real-time reports by sector, type, and custom attributes. Track and manage assets.

Utilize your existing Wi-Fi infrastructure, no new hardware needed to deploy Aislelabs technology. Utilize your existing Wi-Fi infrastructure