Social WiFi

Monetize Your Digital Real-Estate

Transform your guest Wi-Fi into a powerful market research and customer insights tool. Provide one-click access to your Wi-Fi via Facebook, Twitter, email and other popular social sites. Get access to guest’s age, gender, interests, email and other key attributes. Understand the demographics of your visitors and engage with them in an opt-in model. View footfall analytics by visitor type such as age group and gender by integrating with Aislelabs Flow.

Engage with the right visitor at the right time. Create multi-channel marketing campaigns with email, SMS, and social posts. Use rule-based marketing platform for real-time personalized communication.

Aislelabs SocialWiFi

Future of Guest Wi-Fi Delivered

Provide your visitors with effortless sign-in and a frictionless experience.

Add Social to Your Wi-Fi

Social WiFi Phone
  • Marketing Redefined Embrace new ways to engage with a user, beyond just splash pages or tedious sign-ups.
  • Deploy Today We work with your existing infrastructure, so no new hardware is required.
  • Fully-Integrated Platform for Enterprises Easy to use cloud system backed by robust and scalable enterprise-grade location platform.


Demographics and Marketing

Social Wi-Fi empowers marketers to monetize their free Wi-Fi while enabling an easier one-click access. Now you can know who is visiting your premises and communicate with them on a personal level in a privacy friendly manner. Aislelabs’ offering works with your existing Wi-Fi hardware, with no new capital expense required. Our cloud based implementation allows you to deploy a customized social captive portal with ease.
  • Simple to use web based dashboard for analytics and marketing.
  • Interactive reporting with heatmaps and traffic analytics segmented by age, gender and interests.
  • Simple to use web based dashboard for analytics and marketing.
  • Real-time campaigns via email, SMS and social posts.
Guest Wi-Fi & Social Login
Mobile Social WiFi

Provide Wi-Fi to your guests. Easy login with Facebook, Twitter, Email, etc.

Profiles Social WiFi

Gather business insights and maintain customer information.

Customer Demographics & Marketing
Graphs Social WiFi

Understand customer behaviour, age and gender demographics. See what your customers are interested in.

Cross Device Social WiFi

Develop customer relationships. Offer targeted campaigns via SMS and email.

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