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Increasing Sponsorship Revenue for Venues & Stadiums

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FREE E-book :

Increasing Sponsorship Revenue for Venues & Stadiums


Sponsorship is an incredibly important aspect for large spaces. Whether sponsoring a sports team, aquarium, attraction or a convention centre the revenue generated from these sponsors is paramount for running these large spaces.

The Aislelabs solution allows these large spaces to collect and monetize visitor data with opt-ins. It provides value to sponsors with a digital platform that can hyper-target audiences with precision at key times.

In this free e-book you’ll discover three use cases that demonstrate the power of guest WiFi for large venues. The e-book covers how a large stadium or convention centre can leverage a powerful CRM in order to entice, retain, and upsell sponsors. This technology can be used for any type of large venue including aquariums, attractions, museums, hotels, and casinos.

What You’ll Get from This E-book

  • How WiFi marketing works to drive sponsorship revenue
  • Three use cases for retaining and upselling sponsors
  • The power of hyper-targeting specific customers for your sponsors

Table of Contents

  • How Guest WiFi Works
  • Sporting Event Use Case
  • Concert Use Case
  • Convention Centre Use Case