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Aislelabs WiFi Marketing

Partner Reselling


Are you a telco (telecommunications company) looking for WiFi or People Counter solutions for your customers? Let’s partner.

Why Aislelabs?

When finding a partner, it’s key to know their product meets your needs, to have confidence in their team and capabilities and to be sure of their longevity. As one of the world’s largest WiFi and People Counter-powered software businesses, we are your ideal partner.

Telco Ready

With existing partnerships around the world, we know how your business works and what you need in a WiFi technology partner.

Global Reach

With customers on every continent except Antarctica and teams in North America, the Middle East and East Asia, we have the support and execution capability to support resellers anywhere.

Built to Last

Aislelabs is part of Constellation Software, the world’s largest software company focused on ensuring their businesses last… forever.

White Labeled

Telcos are special. Your brand must be what customers see. We understand that and offer our solutions in a white-labeled experience.

Extensive Hardware Compatibility

You know your hardware. But hardware preferences are region-specific and globally diverse. We have more hardware compatibility than just about anyone.

Software Integration Rich

Our products inherently demand integrations to other software platforms. And we’re ahead of most there, with a deep library of software integrations.

Contact Us About Your Whitelabeled Platform Needs

We’re excited to hear about your initiative. Please reach out and let us know what you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t worry about definitions. In short, if you supply internet, WiFi or other connectivity solutions directly to a customer base, we would love to chat.

Yes, we do offer white labeling for our telecommunications partners. 

No. Aislelabs does not offer any exclusivity to any partners or resellers to any specific territory. 

We have a standard telecommunications product that is ideal for you to resell offering free WiFi access management. Together, we establish a consistent unit price and billing is connective to a total of active accounts.

You are responsible for billing your clients. We will bill you separately based on the terms of your agreement.

Yes, we often include professional services in agreements as a paid service. Just request it.

Typically with telco partners, we set up a streamlined operations workflow to automatically receive new setup requests.

NDAs prevent us from sharing logos, but we have telecommunications partners in North America, the Caribbean and Central America, as this was written.